In Conversation


12th Berlin Biennale

Françoise Vergès: Artists can translate Hope and Anger into Art-Dreams

An interview with the political scientist, film producer, curator, activist, and educator on her participation at the 12th Berlin Biennale.

In Conversation

Adéọlá Naomi Adérè̩mí: I Am Afro Greek

The filmmaker upholds experiences of being Black and Greek and creates an archive for the community and for generations to come.

In Conversation

Concerned Members of the Namibian Arts Community: It is a One-dimensional Problematic Pavilion

We talked to the collective that is questioning the selection process and intentions…

In Conversation

Tobi Alexandra Falade: Inspired From (Un)Usual Spaces

The curator tells C& about an exhibition of Rosa-Johan Uddoh’s films, libraries as exhibition spaces, and Britain’s colonial legacy.

In Conversation

Nandi: An African-Made NFT Marketplace For the World

Nandi’s aim is to enable economic participation and cultural preservation of African creative content in the age of non-fungible tokens.

In Conversation

Brazilian Artist enorê Explores the Creative Language of Data

enorê, whose work challenges the idea of fluidity by connecting digital and non-digital art, speaks to C& about visible and invisible realities.

In Conversation

Three Namibian Artists on their Residency at Schloss Solitude

We talked to Vitjitua Ndjiharine, Hage Mukwendje, and Nesindano Namises about their approaches, methods, processes, and inspirations.

In Conversation

Aldeide Delgado and the Women Photographers International Archive

We spoke to the founder of WOPHA about rediscovering forgotten female Cuban artists and photography’s many uses – including its ability for change.

In Conversation

Lunga Ntila Seeks GOD AMONG US in Her Body of Work

Ahead of AKAA Paris we speak to the South African artist about her multiple identities, unfamiliar surroundings, and the symbolism of bees.

In Conversation

Rafiki Arts Initiatives: Building Bridges Between Norway and Africa

We spoke to Nicole Rafiki, the artist behind a series of actions that…

“Auf Deutsch”

The Artist Mwangi Hutter Reflects on the Human Condition

C& spoke to the Kenyan-German artist duo about the creative process, merged identity and about producing works that aim to look “beyond differences”.

In Conversation

Adrienne Elise Tarver: Invisibility as Superpower

We speak to the New York artist about Black womanhood, invisibility, and the…

“Auf Deutsch”

James Bantone: Mimicry, Performance and Community

The Swiss artist speaks to us about internet culture as a way to reconnect with Black and Brown queer communities.

C& Artists' Editions #3

Lebohang Kganye: The Urgency to Be the Author and Subject

As we launch our latest artists’ edition with Lebohang Kganye, we revisit our…

In Conversation

Mo Laudi Envisions Safe Spaces for Dissent

The multidisciplinary artist talks to Boitumelo Tlhoaele about a recent exhibition project and…

In Conversation

Disrupting the Archives with Renée Akitelek Mboya

Magnus Rosengarten spoke to the curator, who lives in Nairobi, about tracing an…

In Conversation

Lina Ben Rejeb: Pushing the Limits of Erasure

We speak to the Tunisian artist about her relationship with exhausting the material.

In Conversation

Helen Epega: “I compose with colors and shapes”

The Nigerian artist, singer, and composer speaks to us about her creative process…

"Auf Deutsch"

Deborah Joyce Holman – Unless: The Potential of Subtle Acts of Refusal

We spoke to Swiss artist Deborah Joyce Holman about the key aspects of her poetic docufiction work.

"Auf Deutsch"

Daniel Kojo Schrade: Broadening the Understanding of Diaspora

For centuries there has been Black cultural production from countries where German is…

Giving Back to the Continent

Savannah Center for Contemporary Art

The number of artists from the African Diaspora who enjoy considerable success in…

Minga Decolonial Practices, Colombia

Creation as a Collective Process

Minga Prácticas De-coloniales (Minga Decolonial Practices) is an interdisciplinary collective that wants to…

In Conversation

Rashid Shabazz: Introducing Diversity into Art Criticism

As the executive director of the Critical Minded initiative, Rashid Shabazz hopes to…

"Auf Deutsch"

A Bavarian Intergenerational Exchange

Malcom Ohanwe sat down with artist Ransome Stanley to discuss and compare Afro-German…

In Conversation

Untethered Magic Brings Art and Nature in Dialogue

The Nairobi art space Untethered Magic is about growth and independence – both…

In Conversation

Helina Metaferia: Weaving and Resisting in More Than A Few Ways

Weaving together archival and social knowledge, artist Helina Metaferia considers her community’s everyday…

In Conversation

Awuor Onyango and Everlyn Nicodemus on Women and Strength

In a conversation between artists, our author Awuor Onyango speaks with Everlyn Nicodemus…

“Auf Deutsch”

AfroDiaspora 2.0// e.V. : Creating Safer Spaces

For centuries there has been Black cultural production from countries where German is…

In Conversation

Karimah Ashadu: Labor as a Practice Towards Independence

We spoke with artist Karimah Ashadu about artistic mediums’ own sense of curiosity,…

“Auf Deutsch”

Belinda Kazeem-Kamiński: Looking As an Act of Knowledge Production

For centuries there has been Black cultural production from countries where German is…

Africa2020 Season

Fatimah Tuggar: Not Reactive, but Curious

Fatimah Tuggar’s work is included in the exhibition Beyond what we see at…


A Roundtable with Emerging Artists Working with NFTs

Four artists speak to Tash Moore about the opportunities of digital art.

In Conversation

Josèfa Ntjam: Dissolving the Separation Between Human and Non-human

Josèfa Ntjam is an artist, performer, and writer exploring concepts of fluidity through…

In Conversation

Tarek Lakhrissi: Staging Melancholy, Finding Inspiration in Other People’s Words

Tarek Lakhrissi’s solo show Perfume of Traitors opened at VITRINE gallery in London…

Africa2020 Season

N’Goné Fall: More than a Season

The large-scale French event Africa2020 hasn’t had an easy start. Curator N'Goné Fall…

In Conversation

Massinissa Selmani: Creating Work Between Dualisms

Our author Elisa Pierandrei talked to Algerian artsist Massinissa Selmani about his enigmatic…

In Conversation

Uganda’s New Arts Center is One Step Closer to Completion

With its fundraising campaign ongoing, 32º East | Ugandan Arts Trust is nearing…

In Conversation

ruby onyinyechi amanze: Drawing the Elements, Choreographing Freedom

ruby onyinyechi amanze crafts intricate collaged drawings that look like moments of choreographed…

In Conversation

Euridice Kala: Rethinking the Archive

The Mozambican artist spoke to Sean O’Toole about her personal approaches to archives,…

In Conversation with Maxwell Alexandre

“There is a Future Changing the Imagination of Subalterity”

The boy who was born in 1990 stepped into his inline “blades” for…

In Conversation

Anta Helena Recke and Joana Tischkau on the German Museum for Black Entertainment and Black Music

C& spoke to the two founders of a new institution dedicated to Black…

In Conversation

Drawing From the Depth of Materials Within the Soil of Colonial Violence, Binta Diaw Is Literally Growing New Meaning

The artist spoke to C& about how she applies, removes, and layers symbolic…

In Conversation

Oyindamola Fakeye – the New Creative Director of CCA Lagos

Obidike Okafor spoke to the creative producer about the legacy of founder Bisi…

In Conversation

Victor Ekpuk: Confronting the Beast Through Art

The Washington, D.C.-based artist spoke to Sharon Pendana about his multidisciplinary practice committed…

In Conversation with Nuno Silas

The Intensity of Identity of a Diasporic Artist

We spoke to the Maputo-born artist Nuno Silas about his work in the…

Collectors' View

Intersecting Patronage, Family and Community with Bernard Lumpkin

After a decade of collecting artworks by artists of African descent with his…

In Conversation with Bola Juju

Dreaming up Radical Resistance

Artist Mia Imani Harrison uses her dreams to envision new forms of collectivity.…

Art X Lagos 2020

Radically Different, This Year

Tokini Peterside explains how Art X Lagos adapted to the pandemic and to…

In Conversation with Immy Mali

Debating Memories with Several Selves

Through her fictional alter ego Marcue, Ugandan multimedia artist Immy Mali explores personal and postcolonial realities.

Installation View #museumshutdown

Tadesse Mesfin: Pillars of Life

Hundreds of independent art and museums spaces are forced to close again due…

In Conversation with Nina Chanel Abney

Catering to the Imaginary for a Real World

Our author Nelly Y. Pinkrah chatted with artist Nina Chanel Abney about her…

In Conversation with Manuel Mathieu

On Vulnerability and Generosity – when I leave I will be measured by what I gave and not what I’ve taken

Haitian artist Manuel Mathieu talks about the strength he can draw from the…

In Conversation with Raphael Chikukwa

The National Gallery of Zimbabwe Plans to Digitize its Collection

Recently appointed executive director of the National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Raphael Chikukwa talks…

In Conversation with Temitayo Ogunbiyi

A Playground for Social Justice

You will play in the everyday, running at the Madre Museum in Naples,…

In Conversation with Hakeem Adam

Being Receptive to the Outside and in Contact with the Inside

Trusting his subconscious to look beyond a singular language of expression, the Ghanaian…

In Conversation with Antwaun Sargent

Tearing Down Borders Between Magazines and Museums

Still fresh from publishing his first edited photography book, The New Black Vanguard,…


“Creating Art from a Precarious Position Is a Challenge and an Opportunity”

Maximiliano Mamani is an artist from the Argentinean Andes who gives life to…

HERE AND NOW: Frida Orupabo

Understanding the Self through Depictions of the Black Female Body

Having formed her visual language after discovering the internet in her twenties, Frida…

In Conversation with Christian Nyampeta

How to Live Together

Recently awarded the European Union Prize at the 12th Rencontres de Bamako, Christian…

Modes of Belonging

When Water Becomes a Screen

Few concepts speak of the personal as political as well as the ideas…


Leticia Contreras on Art in the Age of Social Emergency

Few concepts speak of the personal as political as well as the ideas…

The Nordics: Out of the Shadows

Sasha Huber: Honoring Lost Memories

Despite their colonial history, the Nordic countries don’t have as large communities of…

In Conversation with Adji Dieye

The Symbolisms of Seasoning

Adji Dieye is a transmedia artist living and working between Zurich, Milan, and…

States of Mobility

Bamako Reaffirms its Place as a Photographic Hub

Mobility in the arts, geographical or otherwise, is often seen as almost a…

States of Mobility

Between Two Worlds

Mobility in the arts, geographical or otherwise, is often seen as almost a…

In Conversation with Kabelo Malatsie

Deliberation and Discursive Terrain

This year's artistic directors of the Yokohama Triennale, Raqs Media Collective, invited Lantian…

In Conversation with Beatriz Dias

Memorial in Lisbon: Recovering History That Was Made Invisible

"Plantation – Prosperity and Nightmare,” a project by the Angolan artist Kiluanji Kia…

Over the Radar

Ivy Mutuku: “The world hasn’t tasted the sauce we have yet!”

Despite having had limited cultural exchange, the continents of Africa and Oceania are…

States of Mobility

The Movement of People and Art on the Continent

Mobility in the arts, geographical or otherwise, is often seen as almost a…

In Conversation with Oyinkansola Dada

POLARTICS Is the Gallery Creating Art Ecosystems in Africa

Initiated as a publication that merged politics and art, POLATRICS has evolved into…

Over the Radar

Tony Albert: “My work looks at optimism in the face of adversity”

Despite having had limited cultural exchange, the continents of Africa and Oceania are…

States of Mobility

Showing Solidarity Beyond Borders 

Mobility in the arts, geographical or otherwise, is often seen as almost a…

States of Mobility

Those Who Leave and Those Who Are Left

Mobility in the arts, geographical or otherwise, is often seen as almost a…

AFRƎEculture Marrakech 2020

Reinterpreting the Salon Marocain

Meryanne Loum-Martin calls AFRƎEculture an “homage to the Black Diaspora.” But the cultural…

Giving Back to the Continent

Bandjoun Art Station: The Importance of a Peripheral Institution in Cameroon

The number of artists from the African Diaspora who enjoy considerable success in…

In Conversation with Sanford Biggers

The Many Faces of Sanford Biggers

Though cerebral and multilayered, Sanford Biggers work moves easily from medium to medium.…

The Nordics: Out of the Shadows

Manoeuvring Through the Dark with Sandra Mujinga

Despite its colonial history, the Nordics don’t have large communities of people of…

In Conversation with Heba Y. Amin

Understanding the Contemporary Condition via Historical Megalomania

Connecting Europe and Africa by draining the Mediterranean Sea might sound like a…

In Conversation with Ebun A. Sodipo

Challenging Epistemologies with Fragmented Prose

Resisting theoretical power structures via fragmented text, Ebun A. Sodipo’s work provides intimate…

In Conversation with Illa Donwahi

Enabling Art in Challenging Environments

In just over ten years Illa Donwahi has transformed her family home in…

Show Me Your Shelves!

Amelia Umuhire: Unpacking Hidden Rwandese Stories

Show Me Your Shelves! was a two-city exhibition featuring Black artists from Germany…

In Conversation with Florine Démosthène

Challenging the Self to Redefine the Canon

Démosthène’s contemporary take on the body – in the form of multi-media paintings…

#Seattle with Cura Club, Playthey and ScumTrust

Radical Collectivity

Known for the invention of Starbucks, its deep nostalgia for grunge, and a…


Jennifer Harge: The Home as a Site of Pleasure

Show Me Your Shelves! is a two-city exhibition featuring Black artists from Germany…

In Conversation with Ismail Mahomed

The Visionary Art Schools of South Africa

Two arts educational projects in South Africa have been providing Black students with…

In Conversation with Tayo Ogunbiyi

Change Knocks for ART X Lagos

Ahead of ART X Lagos, running from 1 to 3 November 2019, C&’s…

C& Special Edition #Detroit

The Wyndstrument

Wynton Kelly Stevenson speaks to Tikam Sall on being an African American musician…


Janine Jembere: Citing as an Act of Connection

Show Me Your Shelves! is a two-city exhibition featuring Black artists from Germany…

In Conversation with Ingrid LaFleur

Afrofuturism as a Safe Space for Radical Decolonizing

re:publica Berlin is Europe’s largest internet and digital society conference. Since October 2018…

Inventing your own game

Maren Hassinger: “We are not alive to make money”

In the post-war period, many pioneering Black artists were largely neglected by the…

In Conversation with Epheas Maposa

Ascending to the Outer Rims of his Storylines

Epheas Maposa’s artwork is driven by the words, fears, and expectations of his…

C& Special Edition #Detroit

An Afternoon at C.A.N. Art Handworks

Asmaa Walton speaks to metalsmithing artist Carl Nielbock on his life-changing journey from…


A Black Gay Read in Detroit with James Gregory Atkinson

Show Me Your Shelves is a two-city exhibition featuring Black artists from Germany…


Bree Gant: Studying Old Conversations with Ancestors

Show Me Your Shelves is a two-city exhibition featuring Black artists from Germany…

In Conversation with Renny Ramakers

N’GOLÁ: Connecting São Tomé and Príncipe with the Mainland

For its eighth edition, N’GOLÁ, the biennial of São Tomé and Príncipe, aims…

In Conversation with Ayana V. Jackson

“We are imagery’s biggest victims”

The Angola AIR (Artist-In-Residence) project, organized and sponsored by the ELA (Luanda Art…

In Conversation with Rahima Gambo

The Purpose of a Broader Narrative

She started out as a journalist, but as a multimedia artist Rahima Gambo…

In Conversation with Dawoud Bey

Seeing Deeply

Seeing Deeply is an essential monograph that covers four decades of celebrated photographer…

In Conversation with Sémané Koffi Agbodjinou

Mapping Lomé From Within

The Palais de Lomé has been converted to a centre for arts and…

In Conversation with Yilmaz Dziewior

Museum Ludwig: In Search of a Broader Audience in Cologne

In recent months, museums, particularly throughout the United States, have begun to reassess…

In Conversation with Sonia Lawson

Togo Reopens Major Center for Arts and Culture

The Palais de Lomé, a historic building converted into a dynamic center for…

In Conversation with Anna Martine Whitehead

“The world needs more embodied people”

Anna Martine Whitehead is an interdisciplinary artist and dancer who is interested in…

Venice Biennale 2019

Tavares Strachan: The Idea of a Parallel Universe

Tavares Strachan represented the Bahamas National Pavilion at the 55th Venice Biennale, in…

Venice Biennale 2019

Michael Armitage: Painting From Afar

Michael Armitage’s famous painted bark cloths weave multiple narratives from historical and current…

Venice Biennale 2019

Amina Zoubir on the Tribulations of the Algerian Pavilion

Several weeks ago Algeria was officially announced as a participant country at the…

Venice Biennale 2019

Christopher Wessels: Catalyzing Poetry in Times of Change

When Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung initiated the Miracle Workers Collective, artists and cultural…

Venice Biennale 2019

Giovanna Esposito Yussif: Changing Structures Closest to Home

The Helsinki-based curator and researcher Giovanna Esposito Yussif is part of the Miracle…

Venice Biennale 2019

Georgina Maxim: When Patience Becomes Artistic Currency

Zimbabwean Artist Georgina Maxim’s artistic career is soaring exponentially. She was accepted for…

Venice Biennale 2019

Nana Oforiatta Ayim on Ghana’s First Ever Pavilion at Venice

In 2019, for the first time, Ghana will host a pavilion at the…

In Conversation with Zina Saro Wiwa

Re-Imagining Her World

Zina Saro Wiwa has many talents. Working between New York and Port Harcourt…

The Netherlands: Untold Tales

Dutch Afro Subjectivities: In a State of Becoming “Black”

The Netherlands was one of the most belligerent European colonial empires. Driven by…

In Conversation with Banele Khoza

The Many Faces of Love

Banele Khoza is a visual artist who also writes poetry. In his most…

Conversations in Gondwana

Expanding Political Imagination Through South-South Collaboration

Conversations in Gondwana is a project initiated by Brazilian curators Juliana Gontijo and…

In Conversation with Dennis Osadebe

Spectacularly Forward

Mixed-media artist Dennis Osadebe is all about interdisciplinarity. In the recent duo show,…

Sharjah Biennial 14

Finding Alternatives to Representation with Claire Tancons

Featuring around ninety artists, the Sharjah Biennial 14 (SB14) will explore the theme…

In Conversation with Paula Nascimento

Putting the Finger in the Wound

Artist Mónica de Miranda and curator Paula Nascimento have been working together for…

In Conversation with Grace Wales Bonner

Bringing One in Communion with Ancestors

Informed by her heritage, Grace Wales Bonner uses fashion as a means of…

The Netherlands: Untold Tales

Kevin Osepa: The Curaçao Artist Exploring Afro-Caribbean Spiritual Culture

Inspired by the “magical thinking” of his native Curaçao, Kevin Osepa uses photography…

In Conversation with Alejandro Martín

Cali, Between Trauma And Hope

Over the past years, Museo La Tertulia in Cali has become one of…

In Conversation with Zoe Samudzi

Blackness as a State of Matter

Zoe Samudzi has co-penned As Black as Resistance with William C. Anderson. In…

In Conversation with Dawoud Bey

Safe Spaces in the Dark

The essence of night is a central figure in Dawoud Bey’s latest exhibition.…

In Conversation with Elle Pérez

Fearless Bodies and Identities in Elle Pérez’ Photography

Elle Pérez’ photographs are striking and mysterious, depicting people and places from very…

In Conversation with Larry Ossei-Mensah

Traveling Through Unknown Territories

Larry Ossei-Mensah’s reputation in the US art scene is rapidly growing. With three…

In Conversation with Akinola Davies Jr.

“Colonialism in Britain is felt through the diasporas”

Entitled HOD, Akinola Davies Jr’s recent exhibition assembled a series of nonlinear films…

In Conversation with Serge Attukwei Clottey

“Afrogallonism” or the Migration of Plastic

Accra-based multi-media artist Serge Attukwei Clottey is presenting his work at UNTITLED, Miami…

In Conversation with Mikhaile Solomon

PRIZM Art Fair Brings 63 Artists from the African Diaspora to Miami

PRIZM Art Fair returns to Miami for its sixth edition, from 3 to…

In Conversation with Diedrick Brackens

“I embody identities that defy narrow definitions”

Los Angeles-based artist Diedrick Brackens is a rarity in the growing virtual spheres…


The Eroticism of Unathi Mkonto’s Abstract Sculptural Artworks

Unathi Mkonto is a South African artist who creates erotic sculptural works that…

In Conversation with Gaëlle Choisne

Immaterial Explorations within Concrete Walls

It’s all about love in Gaëlle Choisne’s current solo show at the Bétonsalon…

The Netherlands: Untold Tales

Sara Blokland: “Who is allowed to be in the picture?”

The Netherlands was one of the most belligerent European colonial empires. Driven by…

12th Gwangju Biennale

Alia Farid: Museums aren’t very accurate

Imagined Borders, the title of South Korea’s 2018 Gwangju Biennale, has enabled a…

In Conversation with Wura-Natasha Ogunji

The Body as an Audience Member

Wura-Natasha Ogunji spoke for C& América Latina with Will Furtado about her curatorial…

The Netherlands: Untold Tales

Remy Jungerman: The Space In Between

The Netherlands was one of the most belligerent European colonial empires. Driven by…

In Conversation with Koyo Kouoh

How Artists Participate in World-Making

In October The New School's Vera List Center for Art and Politics in…

The Netherlands: Untold Tales

Patricia Kaersenhout: Regaining Dignity Through Revealing Erased Histories

The Netherlands was one of the most belligerent European colonial empires. Driven by…

In Conversation with Nikita Gale

Experiencing Anonymity Through Abstraction

Sound is an intimate medium to California based artist Nikita Gale. In her…

Racism: a bigger picture

Using the Language of the Past to Reflect on Racism Today

The unfading legacies of Western racism is a paradigm Contemporary And continuously examines…

Racism: a bigger picture

The Black, Asian and White Racial Triangulation

The unfading legacies of Western racism is a paradigm Contemporary And continuously examines…

In Conversation with Yinka Shonibare MBE

Metaphors for Humanity

It’s his first solo exhibition on the continent in fifteen years: This month…

Round Table "identity"

Meleko Mokgosi: “the limitations that produce narrow interests are not caused by the artist”

In our ongoing series of round-table discussions we ask a selection of artists…

Christophe Ndabananiye

Searching for Mental Topographies

The Villa Romana in Florence is opening its space and this year’s winners…

In Conversation with Francis Nnaggenda II

Art Crossroads with Ugandan Mastery 

By expediently excluding Ugandan masters from a rich East African heritage, the 2018…

In Conversation with Francis Nnaggenda I

A Lifetime Shaping Art and Education in Uganda

Prof. Francis Nnaggenda is a legendary art educator, sculptor, and painter whose artworks…

In Conversation with Olumide Onadipe

Giving Social Commentary a Visual Voice

Olumide Onadipe’s art stems from an anger at the way things are. So…

Black Lunch Table

Using the Lunchroom to Connect Black Arts Professionals

Starting from the phenomenon of self-segregation during lunchtime in schools and workplaces, Black…

C& Print Issue #9: Round Table

Kelvin Haizel: “The question points to the overburdened subject every artist from the Global South has had to grapple with in the last thirty years.”

In our ongoing series of round-table discussions we ask a selection of artists…

C& Print Issue #9: Round Table

Zineb Sedira: “Identity is very much at the core of every artistic practice, whether painting flowers or exploring one’s culture or politics.”

In our ongoing series of round-table discussions we ask a selection of artists…

C& Print Issue #9: Round Table

Faith Ringgold: “I am very inspired to tell my story, and that’s my story.”

In our ongoing series of round-table discussions we ask a selection of artists…

C& Print Issue #9: Round Table

Elisabeth Efua Sutherland: “It’s about the power of the narrative. People ask you, ‘Who are you?’”

In our ongoing series of round-table discussions we ask a selection of artists…

10th Berlin Biennale Special

From Archeological Methods to Contemporary Art

With C&’s Julie Abricot, the painter Thierry Oussou explains why his work for…

10th Berlin Biennale

Las Nietas de Nonó: “We Need to Heal the Wounds”

The Puerto Rican sisters and artists Lydela and Michel Nonó present their performances…

10th Berlin Biennale Special

Where Industrial Buildings Come In Pocket Sizes

Johanna Unzueta’s topic is labor. Not just in the social and historical sense…

10th Berlin Biennale Special

Opacity is a Different Kind of Clarity

Since the announcement in late 2016 of Gabi Ngcobo as the curator of…

10th Berlin Biennale Special

In Minimalism Everything Counts

The German-born artist Julia Phillips met C&’s Will Furtado to talk us through…

In Conversation with Wu Tsang

Rethinking the Museum of Tomorrow

Who does the museum appeal to, who does it welcome, and who does…

In Conversation with Dario Calmese

The Bohemian Harlem Socialite That Inspired a Photography Project

Upon meeting Harlem socialite Ms. Lana Turner, Dario Calmese was so fascinated with…

Dak'Art 2018: In Conversation with Shiraz Bayjoo

Broadening the Perspectives on De-Colonisation

Having grown up between two fishing towns his interest in everything oceanic was…

Remembering Dak'Art 2016

Changing Directions Whenever Necessary

Solange Farkas was one of the guest curators of Dak’Art 2016. C& talked…

Dak'Art 2018: In Conversation with Oneika Russell

Riding the Waves of Time

Oneika Russell has always been fascinated by the cultural ambiguities of her native…

Conference Echoes of the South Atlantic

Arjun Appadurai: “The relevant issue is: rich versus poor”

The Indian anthropologist and professor at the New York University, Arjun Appadurai, warns…

Conference Echoes of the South Atlantic

Ayesha Hameed and the Future – Between Resistance and Destruction

In “Black Atlantis”, artist Ayesha Hameed looks into the possible afterlives of the…

In Conversation with Same Mdluli

A Sense of Ubuntu

Young South-African curator Same Mdluli joined the Standard Bank Gallery as manager in…

In Conversation with Aram Moshayedi and Ikechukwu Onyewuenyi

„To Think a Thing Through”

Stories of Almost Everyone at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles engages with…

In Conversation with Thuli Mlambo-James and Libita Clayton

“We’re all in this together”

A year ago, Thuli Mlambo-James was appointed new director at Johannesburg’s renowned Bag…

Village Unhu

The Project Space Cultivating a Community of Artists in Harare

Founded by three creatives, Village Unhu in Harare, Zimbabwe, is an art space…

C& Print Issue #8: Brother(hood) Dance!

Giving Same-Gender Love Visibility Through Dance

Ricarrdo Valentine and Orlando Hunter, the artists behind Brother(hood) Dance!, met four years…

In Conversation with Radha May

The Collective Unearthing: Censored Scenes from Postwar Italian Cinema

The artist collective Radha May has created a work from scenes depicting expressions…

Museum of Impossible Forms

The Project in Finland Democratizing Gallery Space

In 2017 three friends in Helsinki, Finland, joined forces to counter the inaccessibility…

C& Print Issue #8: Jota Mombaça

Exploring the Body as Colonial Occupation

Switching between writing and performance, Jota Mombaça is an artist kicking against the…

C& Print Issue #8: Jean David Nkot

Art as a Place of Remembrance

Jean David Nkot’s work examines the human condition and its place in a…

In Conversation with Keyezua

Bringing Ritual Back to the Mask

For 2018’s Cape Town Art fair, Luanda-based artist Keyezua will show a series…

C& and art21 magazine

Blending Art and Reportage with Guy Woueté

Cameroonian artist Guy Woueté takes inspiration from everyday life to create his paintings,…

In Conversation with Bronwyn Katz

Bronwyn Katz Uses Beds to Trace How People Move in the City

Bronwyn Katz is a South African artist working across various mediums who is…

C& Print Issue #8: Marilyn Douala Manga Bell

Giving Meaning to the City

Princess Marilyn Douala Manga Bell, the current president of doual’art, introduces SUD as…

In Conversation with Nina Chanel Abney

Using Bright Colors to Tell Dark Realities

In her debut solo exhibition at New York’s Jack Shainman Gallery last December,…

C& Print Issue #8: keyon gaskin

Disrupting Expectations

keyon gaskin is a Portland-based artist whose performative work is not restricted to…

In Conversation with Azu Nwagbogu

LagosPhoto 2017 Delves into our Post-truth World

In its 8th edition, LagosPhoto is a major festival for photography in Nigeria.…

C& Print Issue #8: Justine Gaga

A Human Dimension

Justine Gaga is a multidisciplinary artist who has taken part in multiple biennales…

C& Print Issue #8: Admire Kamudzengerere

Where Drawing and Performance Meet

Representing Zimbabwe at the 57th Venice Biennale alongside three other artists, Admire Kamudzengerere…

In Conversation with Iman Issa

Probing the Possibilities of Labeling

In Iman Issa’s installation Heritage Studies, the artist uses sculptures and text and…

A Groundbreaking Congress in Zimbabwe

How a Historical Art Conference in Africa Was Restaged

The International Congress for African Culture (ICAC) brought scores of international art practitioners…

In Conversation with Jamilah Sabur

Linking South America and the Caribbean

Jamilah Sabur is a Jamaican-born, Miami-based multidisciplinary artist. For her latest solo exhibition…

In Conversation with Missla Libsekal

Art X: Expanding the Notion of Art Fair in Lagos

Art X is a young art fair that is strengthening the art scene…

In Conversation with Wura-Natasha Ogunji

Coexistence is just a question of Imagination

In her recent exhibition “Every Mask I Ever Loved” multi-disciplinary artist Wura-Natasha Ogunji…

Aimia | AGO Photography Prize

Wondrous Quotidian Black Lives: Liz Johnson Artur in Conversation

Currently shortlisted for 2017’s Aimia | AGO Photography Prize, Canada’s most significant award…

In Conversation with Poku Cheremeh

Earthworms and Caramels

Poku Cheremeh’s latest work is all about food. And it started out with…

In Conversation with Rajkamal Kahlon

Constructive Disruptions

Rajkamal Kahlon is looking for trouble. At least in the title of her…

C& and Aperture Magazine

The Midcentury Style

Fatoumata Diabate’s traveling studio revives the golden age of Malian studio portraiture.

In Conversation with Tahir Karmali

Folding Borders

Since artist Tahir Karmali moved from Nairobi to New York, he has been…

In Conversation with Duane Linklater

Centering Indigenous Bodies, Thought and Practice

The gathering Under the Mango Tree–Sites of Learning, that was organized by an…

Afriart’s Newest Gallery Inspires Ugandan Artists to Dream Big

Beyond Borders and Boundaries

In 2002, as Daudi Karungi prepared to graduate from art school in Kampala,…

In Conversation with Emmanuelle Andrianjafy

The Shapes of A City

The photographies of Emmanuelle Andrianjafy oscillate between the intimate and the distant. Especially…

C& and Aperture Magazine

In Rwanda and Europe, Images of Creativity and Survival

An intimate conversation with filmmaker Amelia Umuhire

Writer, Artist, and Photographer

Queering the Heteronormative with Teju Cole

Teju Cole combines image and text to transgress simplistic divisions between media. For…

C& and Aperture Magazine

Can African Critics Rewrite the Story of African Photography?

M. Neelika Jayawardane speaks with Emmanuel Iduma about the influential role - and…

In Conversation with Victor Ehikhamenor

The Purity of Intuition as a Force for Originality

Victor Ehikhamenor is one of Nigeria’s most vibrant contemporary artists. He is currently…

C& and Aperture Magazine

A Readymade World in the Heart of the Country

In a studio outside of Cape Town, photographer Nico Krijno refashions sculpture and…


Architecture Meets Desert in the Work of Kiluanji Kia Henda

Nadia Sesay spoke to multidisciplinary artist Kiluanji Kia Henda about his first solo…

C& and Aperture Magazine

In Cameroon, A New Platform for Emerging Photographers

Podcast by AMET in conversation with Christine Eyene and Landry Mbassi

C& Print Issue #7

Souleymane Bachir Diagne: Trump Troubles

Senegalese philosopher Souleymane Bachir Diagne chats to C& about post-Trump America and Africa…

Twisting the Position

Who discovered whom?

With the exhibition Conundrum of Imagination at the Wiener Festwochen, Bonaventure Soh Bejeng…


Congregating the Queer Caribbean Community

For two months in spring this year, the New Museum in New York…

C& and Aperture Magazine

Délio Jasse’s Endless Archive

Looking to vintage photographs and alternative processes, the Angolan Portuguese artist engages the…

In Conversation with Grada Kilomba 

Living in a Space of Timelessness

C& talks with Grada Kilomba about her transdisciplinary work, the presence of the…

C& Print Issue #7

Department of Now

The teaching methods at Ghana’s Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology has…

In Conversation with Zohra Opoku

From Ghana to Bahia

Multidisciplinary Ghanaian-German artist Zohra Opoku has recently curated the show Nathi.Aha.Sasa. in Vienna…

C& and Aperture Magazine

Malala Andrialavidrazana Redraws the Map

In photographs and photomontages, the Madagascar-born artist considers the global reverberations of African…

C& Print Issue #7

Host Protocol

Sepake Angiama, Head of Education at documenta 14, and Elke aus dem Moore,…

Looking back on the Exit Tour 2006

An Epic Art Journey through West Africa

Led by Goddy Leye, in 2006 seven artists went on a journey from…

C& Print Issue #7

Àsìkò Diaries

Mimi Cherono Ng’ok, Victoria Udondian and Dana Whabira talk to Stephanie Baptist about…

C& and Aperture Magazine

A Short History of the African Photobook

For Bronwyn Law-Viljoen, publisher of Fourthwall Books, the photobook is a space for…

C& and Aperture Magazine

In Ghana, Visions of Queer Friendship and Love

Eric Gyamfi reflects on his activism, photography, and telling the stories of West…

C& and Aperture Magazine

Learning from Addis Ababa

The Addis Foto Fest is a Forum Connecting African Photographers. Ethiopian photographer Aida…

C& Print Issue #7

Troubling Categories

Indifferent African states have enabled Western elites to define the continent’s artistic production,…

C& Print Issue #7

Teaching to Empower

C& asks M. Neelika Jayawardane, Sharlene Khan, and Felwine Sarr about teaching students…

C& Print Issue #7

“If you’re running from history, it will eventually catch up with you”

Pélagie Gbaguidi, an artist from Benin appearing on documenta 14, tells C& about…

C& and Aperture Magazine

Camerawork Now

New technologies have helped and hindered the development of photography on the continent,…

In Conversation with Minia Biabiany

Poetics of Immanence

Minia Biabiany talks about her installation art, how her Caribbean upbringing influences her…

Decolonial Thinking with Rolando Vázquez

The End of the Contemporary?

In March of this year, the sociologist Rolando Vázquez was invited to Berlin…

C& and Aperture Magazine

The Lives of Samuel Fosso: A Conversation with Yves Chatap

This article is part of a series produced in collaboration with Aperture magazine,…

Have a second sight with Bianca Baldi

How Spaces Can Be Transformed

Viktoria Draganova talks to Bianca Baldi about her first institutional solo exhibition “Eyes…

Weights and Measures with Natasha Becker

Justice under the Spotlight

The traveling exhibition Weights and Measures by Bradley McCallum just closed at Constitution…

'Unfinished Conversations' with Thomas J. Lax

“With an Openness to try things anew…”

Our author Magnus Rosengarten met with Thomas J. Lax, one of the curators…

Venice Biennale 2017

Shaping the Bigger Picture

Jimmy Ogonga, curator of the Kenyan Pavilion for the Venice Biennale, met with…

Venice Biennale 2017

Corrupting the Idle Space

Libita Clayton, participating artist at the very first Diaspora pavilion, talks about ideas…

Venice Biennale 2017

‘How About Now?’

Curator Adenrele Sonariwo sheds a light on her conceptional approach and explains how…

Venice Biennale 2017

The Annals of History

Zimbabwean artist Admire Kamudzengerere elucidates his contextual use of media and explains why…

Venice Biennale 2017

A Space, inside and outside

Arlene Wandera reflects on spatiality and tactility, while giving us a quick glance…

Venice Biennale 2017

Barby Asante: Knowledge is Agency

With her work Intimacy and Distance, Barby Asante is a participating artist at…

Modupeola Fadugba at 1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair

Heightened Sensitivity

Multimedia artist Modupeola Fadugba talks about her use of symbolic imagery and fragile…

1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair

Art Fairs are opening up

Touria El Glaoui, founder of 1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair, speaks about the…

C& and Aperture Magazine

Okwui Enwezor and Artur Walther on the Recent Histories of African Photography

The influential curator Okwui Enwezor and collector Artur Walther discuss African photography, past…

Interview with Macandal, Mexican Hip-Hop Artist

Body Balance: Bigidi

As you all know we are celebrating the launch of our first C&…

Thinking Black Dada with Adam Pendleton

How Abstraction is Another Word for Freedom

Our author Gauthier Lesturgie met up with artist Adam Pendleton to talk about…

Interview with Phoebe Boswell

Breaking the Silence

Multimedia artist Phoebe Boswell talks about her latest show, For Every Real Word…

Curriculum of Connections: Àsìkò Art School

Collaborative Criticism

Martha Kazungu, a former participant of Àsìkò Art School in Addis Ababa, talks…

32º East Ugandan Arts Trust's New Home

Ugandan Artists Prepare To Soar With Newly Designed Arts Centre

Our author Jonah Batambuze talks to James Hampton, Daniel Rea and Teesa Bahana…

C& at Office: Sabelo Mlangeni

“When I dream, I see color…”

South African photographer Sabelo Mlangeni dropped by at Contemporary And’s Berlin office. Here…

Coco Fusco's New Performance Piece: Words May Not Be Found

Facing Historical Realities

Coco Fusco spoke with our author Jasmina Al-Qaisi about her latest research and…

Interview: Kemang Wa Lehulere, Deutsche Bank KunstHalle “Artist of the Year” 2017

The Desire to No Longer Be Silent

C& talks to Kemang Wa Lehulere about his show Bird Song, currently on…

Thinking Tout-monde with Alya Sebti


Our author Elsa Guily met up with Alya Sebti, the director of the…

Interview: Art Paris Art Fair 2017

It’s a great occasion for presenting artists who are otherwise invisible in France

Our author Tanja Schreiner interviewed Marie-Ann Yemsi, guest curator for the African focus at…

C& Focus: Performance & Young Global Contemporaries

The Great Sonic Experience

Our author Will Furtado went backstage during rehearsals to meet the performance artist…

Filling in the Gaps

Lubaina Himid’s Art of Excavation

With two retrospectives and a group show happening simultaneously in the first four…

In Conversation with William Pope.L 

On Endurance

In this podcast episode produced by Fresh Art International, American artist William Pope.L…

C& Commissions: CUSS

A Networked Practice

For C& Commissions, CUSS present their first horror short film Streetkid. The collective…

Don't Mourn, Organize!...Jonathan Gonzalez

Collaborative Curiosity

Our author Magnus Rosengarten asks New York-based performance artist Jonathan Gonzalez: How can…

A Meeting at Mostafa Maftah’s Studio

The Carpet as a Poetics of Our Relationship 

Artist Mostafa Maftah caught up with our author Elsa Guily to talk about…

Don't Mourn, Organize!...EJ Hill

Ensuring that we see ourselves

Our author Magnus Rosengarten talks to California-based artist EJ Hill about Trump, activism…

In conversation with Tumelo Mosaka

Listening is a skill and we don’t do it enough

Daniel Hewson in conversation with Tumelo Mosaka, new chief art curator of Cape…

Project THABRATE: Badr El Hammami

When Correspondence Reactivates History 

Moroccan artist Badr El Hammani talks to our author Elsa Guily about K7…

Don't Mourn, Organize!...Jibade-Khalil Huffman

I’m more interested in criticality

In the new series Don't Mourn, Organize! we ask artists, writers, curators during…

The Speeches Series: Bouchra Khalili

Narratives in Progress

Our author Elsa Guily caught up with Bouchra Khalili to talk about her…

Interview: Meskerem Assegued

I grew up with Johannes Haile and his photographs.

In the show With Different Eyes, curator Meskerem Assegued pays tribute to Ethiopian…

The NEST Collective in Nairobi

We want to be better merchants of dreams.

The Nest Collective talks to C& about their eclectic projects from books to…

In Context: Africans in America

In conversation on the southern tip of the African continent

C& talks to Liza Essers, Director of the Goodman Gallery, about the gallery's…

Interview with Turner Prize candidate Anthea Hamilton

Venetian gothic architecture, super realist painting and disco culture

This year's Turner Prize will be awarded tonight, 5 December. C& met nominee…

A Viewing Tour

C& Video: Art X Lagos

Watch our video tour around the art fair Art X Lagos! Our C&…

In Conversation with Emeka Ogboh

Addis to Berlin via Lagos

Sound artist Emeka Ogboh caught up with C& to talk about his African…

Collectors' View: Nigeria

Collecting Histories

Prince Yemisi Shyllon’s collection holds over seven thousand pieces. The Nigerian art collector…

In conversation with Ato Malinda and Yinka Shonibare MBE

What exactly is “African art”?

Nadia Sesay talks to Ato Malinda and Yinka Shonibare MBE, honorees of the…

Sudan Focus: Ala Kheir

Where the White Nile and the Blue Nile Meet

C& speaks to Ala Kheir of the Sudanese Photographers Group, a collective made…

Ideas in Conversation: Lucia Nhamo

The Tangled Histories of Disconnected Places

There are contextual parallels between Brazilian and Zimbabwean politics, says artist Lucia Nhamo,…

Collaborate & Co-create

An Essential Gesture of Cultural Resistance

A round-table conversation with three collectives about the role of their artist-run platforms:…

C& Focus: Performance & Young Global Contemporaries

It Is Necessary to Be Able to Dream…

In a round-table conversation with our author Magnus Rosengarten, three emerging performance artists…

A Conversation with artist Emo de Medeiros

Transmutations and Transpositions

Emo de Medeiros is a Beninese-French transmedia artist. He showed his work at…

Kampala Art Biennale 2016: Julien Creuzet

Poetic Gestures

Caribbean is tied to Africa by history, plain and simple, says artist Julien…

Kampala Art Biennale 2016: Isaac Kariuki

It’s a complicated relationship

C& talks to young media artist Isaac Kariuki about the making of zines,…

Kampala Art Biennale 2016: Kitso Lynn Lelliott

Narratives are everything for me

Joburg-based artist Kitso Lynn Lelliott chats with C& about the Black experience that…

Kampala Art Biennale 2016: Sheila Nakitende

Daily Life into Art

Multimedia artist Sheila Nakitende tells C& how her practice engages with questions of…

Collectors' View: South Africa

Walking into Art 

Audrey Mothupi, South African CEO of a global research and technology firm, explains…

Collectors' View: South Africa

Keeping it local

Lindelwa Farisani spoke with our writer Daniel Hewson about how her school teachers…

32nd Bienal de São Paulo

In Conversation with Anawana Haloba

In collaboration with Cathy Byrd from Fresh Art International, C& is starting a…

32nd Bienal de São Paulo

The ABCs of Dalton Paula: From Africa to Bahia and, of Course, Cuba

Brazilian artist Dalton Paula talks to OMenelick 2°Ato’s Alexandre Araújo Bispo about his…

32nd Bienal de São Paulo

A Visionary Whose Aim Is to Transform Culture

Acclaimed South African painter Helen Sebidi, who is showing at the 32nd Bienal…

Race and Art in Contemporary Brazil

The Art of the Black Atlantic III

C& talks to independent curator Fabiana Lopes who is currently researching the production…

Over the Radar

Kalisolaite ‘Uhila: I Use My Tongan Knowledge and Identity as Resources

Struggle has shaped New Zealand artist Kalisolaite 'Uhila’s practice, which engages issues of invisibility, survival and cultural hybridity.

On Borders and Frontiers

History is contemporary, and is happening now

The sixth Invisible Borders road trip project took an inward focus, Emeka Okereke…

Art + Practice

Curating reaches a wider audience

Los Angeles-based curator Jamillah James chats to C& about the state of art…

SuperQueeroes - LGBTI Comics

There is so much that is lost to me

Our author Magnus Rosengarten caught up with US artist Lavender Wolf about comics,…

Reconnecting and resisting

I feel more like a health practitioner

French-Guyanese-Danish media artist Tabita Rezaire talks to C& about decolonisation, health, politics, collaboration…

Race, Art and Publishing in Contemporary Brazil

The Art of the Black Atlantic II

Founded in 2007, O Menelick 2° Ato is a publishing project focusing on…

In Conversation with Daniela Ribeiro and Ndidi Emefiele

Art between the dimensions

Oris Aigbokhaevbolo, a talented, young participant of C&’s critical writing workshop in Lagos…

Dak'art 2016

Changing Directions Whenever Necessary

Solange Farkas is one of the guest curators of this years Dak'Art. C&…

RADIO KUNCI at ifa-Gallery Berlin

“You can’t take everyone for granted”

C& in conversation with Syafiatudina and Ferdiansyah Tajib, members of the KUNCI arts…


“An artist has to be a visionary”

The Leopold Senghor award of Dak’art 2016 was given to the Egyptian/ Swiss…

Dak'Art 2016

Speak to the World

In conversation with artist Heba Y. Amin about the artistic community in the…

Dak’Art 2016

Recipe for the Non-aligned

Sumesh Sharma, a curator based in Mumbai, is on the curatorial team for…

Dak'Art 2016

If Truth Was a Woman…

Contemporary And catches up with Mozambican artist Euridice Kala before she heads to Dak’Art…

Dak'Art 2016

City of Labor

Simon Gush’s films explore images of labor. His recent film, “Lazy Nigel” is…

Dak'Art 2016

Sonic Experiences

C& talks to Berlin-based artist Satch Hoyt about the force of sound, the…

In Conversation with Turiya Magadlela

Art should be beautiful

Turiya Magadlela just presented her politically charged pantyhose installations at this year's Armory…

Alternative Role Models

Design Your Own Daddy

A conversation about father figures and artist Rotimi Fani-Kayode...

Marrakech Biennale 6

The Artisan Holds the Knowledge 

Our author Elsa Guily met with young artist Sara Ouhaddou to talk about…

In Conversation with Gareth Nyandoro

Exploring the Dimensions

C& talks to Harare-based artist Gareth Nyandoro about local markets as his main…

C& Print: The Interview Issue

Art Practice is a Bodily Function

Dallas-born Brooklyn-based filmmaker Terence Nance doesn’t self-subscribe to any descriptions but, he tells…

C& Print: The Interview Issue

It’s all about sharing knowledge

Shortly before his death in 2014, legendary South African artist Peter Clarke chatted…

Exploring New Spaces

Flexible Personalities

Haitian artist Tessa Mars talks alternative identities, residencies, and Caribbean art

Focus Lesotho

What is Urgent to You?

Morija, a town in western Lesotho, is the staging ground for an on-going…

C& Print: The Interview Issue

There Isn’t One Way of Doing Things

London multi-media artist Appau Junior Boakye-Yiadom draws on various inspirations for his work.…

C& Print: The Interview Issue

The Art of the Black Atlantic I

C& talks to Renata Felinto about Afro-Brazilian presence and artistic productions.

C& Print: The Interview Issue

Focus on Now, Not Tomorrow

Curator Reem Fadda, who directs the sixth edition of the Marrakech Biennale, speaks…

C& Print: The Interview Issue

Post-Internet What?

Los Angeles-based Martine Syms has been called a net artist, graphic designer, and…

The Armory Show Focus: African Perspectives

“I’m not interested in making art about where I’m from”

C& talks to artist ruby onyinyechi amanze about developing new narratives

The Armory Show Focus: African Perspectives

The Warp and Weft of Experience

Pop culture and contemporary politics converge in Cape Town-based Zimbabwean Dan Halter’s labor-intensive…

The Armory Show Focus: African Perspectives

A New Gallery Caters to Growing Interest in Ethiopian Art

C& talks to the gallerists behind Addis Fine Art.

The Armory Show Focus: African Perspectives

An Insider and Outsider

C& talks to young photographer Namsa Leuba

Independent Art Writing

Trans-African Clarity

Our author An Paenhuysen talks to Emmanuel Iduma, Ndinda Kioko and Moses Serubiri…

Critical Experimentation

“Where are all the young Black art critics?”

Our author An Paenhuysen talks to Jessica Lynne and Taylor Renee, founders of…

Addis Living


Our author Magnus Rosengarten met organizer and curator Ezra Wube and artist Martha…

The Armory Show Focus: African Perspectives

“I am no longer a purist…”

Our author Magnus Rosengarten met the artist for a conversation in Berlin

Art + Writing

Scaffolding and Flags

C& talks to young artist and curator Kwasi Ohene-Ayeh the use of flags,…

Indonesia meets Nigeria

A Point of Departure from the Past

Our author Bukola Oye caught up with photographer and Video Artist Aderemi Adegbite…

New Curatorial Voices

We do not seek to speak in place of the artist

Emerging South African curators Nomusa Makhubu, Nkule Mabaso and Amy Watson speak about…

10th Bamako Encounters

C& Video: We Are Still Here

In this video, C& talks to the young photographer Mimi Cherono Ng'ok about…

Indonesia meets Nigeria

Bypassing the Global North

Alia Swastika, the dynamic curator of this year’s Biennale Jogja, talks to C&…

The Language of Comics

The Line between Analysis and Insult

Andeel, one of Egypt’s foremost political cartoonists, talks about his early suspicion of…

In conversation with Okwui Enwezor

“We have to test the premise that nations no longer matter.”

C& talks to Okwui Enwezor, director of the Haus der Kunst in Munich…

Bamako Encounters 2015

Thinking about photos as a sculptor

Martinique-born photographer Steeve Bauras, who is showing new work at Bamako Encounters, talks…

Sculptor Ledelle Moe

“I’m drawn to the paradox of permanence and impermanence”

Our author Massa Lemu talks to Ledelle Moe about her sculptural practice.

Queer Lisboa Film Festival

Connecting the Dots: Blaxploitation and Afrofuturism

C& caught up with Pedro Marum and Ricki Merighi, who curated the program…

Venice Biennale 2015

Karo Akpokiere: On drawing shoes and movement

C& talks to artist Karo Akpokiere about his dedication to graphic design, crossing…

In conversation with Thelma Golden, director and chief curator at the 
Studio Museum in Harlem

Directing a Museum that Responds to History

Thelma Golden, the director and chief curator at the 
Studio Museum in Harlem,…

Venice Biennale 2015

“Our strategy is pretty much about a dialogue between generations”

C& in conversation with RitaGT, the Luanda-based artist and commissioner of this year's…

Meeting the sound artist Emeka Ogboh

About Anthems, Bird Calls, Voices, and Choirs

C& interviews sound artist Emeka Ogboh about his spatially immersive work at the…

C& in conversation with the artist Ibrahim Mahama

The Politics of Form and Materiality

Artist Ibrahim Mahama discusses his practice and relationship to his materials, which prominently…

In conversation with Pascale Marthine Tayou

“I’m in a space of observation from my little corner”

C& talks with the artist about his artistic approach.

An Interview with Hassan Khan

On Science Fiction, Music and Clapping…

Julia Haecker talked to Hassan Khan about his artistic approach and above all…

In conversation with artist Odili Donald Odita

Tension through Patterns

Visual artist Odili Donald Odita caught up with our author Stefanie Jason to…

Watch the video:

A conversation with Pascale Marthine Tayou

On the occasion of his exhibition at the Serpentine Sackler Gallery, Pascale Marthine…

In conversation with Jackie Karuti

The Maze within

Noosim Naimasiah talks with the artist about his exhibition

A conversation with Hans Ulrich Obrist, Simon Castets & Missla Libsekal

89plus in South Africa

A conversation with Hans Ulrich Obrist, Simon Castets & Missla Libsekal about their project…

A conversation with Stary Mwaba

Aiming for the Stars

Our author Magnus Rosengarten speaks with the artist about his new solo exhibition

In conversation with Danda Jaroljmek

Circling the East African Art Market

Moses Serubiri asks Danda Jaroljmek, one of Circle’s directors, about the changes within…

In conversation with David Adjaye

“It is an exciting time for architects in Africa”

Basia Lewandowska Cummings talks with british architect David Adjaye about his projects and…

In conversation with El Hadji Sy

“From a restorer’s perspective, when art starts to rot, it loses value. For me this aspect of transformation is essential.”

C& met the Dakar born artist for an interview.

In conversation with Marieke van Hal

“The twenty-first century belongs to the South”

‘Biennials evade easy definition. There’s hybridity, and that’s the beauty in this field.’…

In conversation with Nomusa Makhubu

A Disturbing Memory

Artist Nomusa Makhubu disturbs historical narratives with her striking photographic projects, focusing on…

Celebrating transition from apartheid to democracy:

The Constitutional Court Art Collection of South Africa

C& talks to Edwin Cameron, judge, and Albie Sachs, human rights activist, about…

In conversation with Njideka Akunyili

Infinite possibilities

Athi Mongezeleli Joja talks with the artist about her artistic practice.

Talking about her curatorial practice

Eva Barois de Caevel

Our contributing author Dagara Dakin interviewed the young prizewinner. She explained to us…

An interview with Nástio Mosquito

“Inspiration is a bitchy muse”

C& talks to the Angolan multimedia artist about his performative practice and his…

An interview with Mihret Kebede

On Addis, art and Olafur

C& talks to the artist and cofounder of the Netsa Art Village in…

The Molue Mobile Museum of Contemporary Art

“When are you coming back to our streets?”

Obidike Okafor talks to Emeka Udema, artist and initiator of the Molue Mobile…

Kathleen Reinhardt talks to Franklin Sirmans on the occasion of Prospect.3

“We are actively engaging New Orleans’ vibrant local scene that has grown very much after Katrina”

In 2008, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, curator Dan Cameron launched Prospect.1…

In conversation with the young collector Theo Danjuma

“You are not just in your own geography”

C& talks to the art collector Theo Danjuma

Artist Emma Wolukau-Wanambwa 

“A lot has changed in the four years since I started visiting Kampala”

A conversation with the artist Emma Wolukau-Wanambwa 

KLA ART 014 and Kampala's young art scene

New curators on the block 

Dominic Muwanguzi talks to the team behind this year’s Kampala Contemporary Art festival,…

About Collective Memory

Dear Dakar: “History of place, history of art”

A Conversation Between Kwasi Ohene-Ayeh and Moses Serubiri...

A Conversation with Theo Eshetu

“I always thought that video was music for the eyes”

C& talks to video artist Theo Eshetu.

Curriculum of Connections: Alle School of Fine Arts and Design

“The Alle School of Fine Arts and Design has undergone major changes”

Berhanu Ashagrie Deribew, head of the Alle School of Fine Arts and Design…

A conversation with Walter Mignolo

“Decolonial aesthetics/aesthesis has become a connector across the continents”

C& talks to Walter Mignolo, scholar at Duke University, touching upon the concept…

Transatlantic Connections

The coincidences between the Latin American and African art scenes

C& talks to curator Gabriela Salgado about the project 'Transatlantic Connections'.

Giving Contours to Shadows

“We shouldn’t relinquish history to historians alone.”

C& talks to Bonaventure Ndikung, artistic director of SAVVY Contemporary, and Marius Babias,…

WATCH the Video

Contemporary And (C&) In Conversation with El Anatsui and Bisi Silva

In the frame of Art Basel’s Salon, C& presented a rare talk with…

Dak'Art 2014

” Life doesn’t mean anything unless you take position regarding society, the economy, culture …”

C& in conversation with the artist Sidy Diallo, participant of the Dak'Art 2014

In conversation with George Adéagbo

“Once upon a time, there were the artist and the story, of the artist…”

On the occasion of his new exhibition entitled 'les artistes et l'écriture' ('artists…

Kimani wa Wanjiru talks with Sam Hopkins

Deconstructing Logos

Sam Hopkins addresses the wide assortment of NGOs and their diverging missions by…

In conversation with Simon Njami

“The artists are a living example for the absurdity of territories.”

C& is media partner of the major show “The Divine Comedy: Heaven, Hell,…

Dak’Art 2014

“We want to protect the spirit of freedom”

C& in conversation with Mauro Petroni, Dak’Art OFF initiator and coordinator.

Dak’Art 2014

“Dak’Art 2014 is conceived as an active process of producing the common.”

C& talks with Ugochukwu-Smooth C. Nzewi, curator of Dak'Art 2014.

In conversation with Ibrahima Thiam

“One way to reignite this collective memory”

The young photographer Ibrahima Thiam talks to C& about his Collection Photo Souvenir.

In conversation with Wangechi Mutu

“It’s the afterlife, right after life.”

C& is media partner of the major show “The Divine Comedy: Heaven, Hell,…

Dak'art 2014

“I’m interested in inner conversations”

With Dak'Art just around the corner, C& presents its little series introducing young…

In conversation with Zoulikha Bouabdellah

“I like the analogy between heaven and the artist’s creative process.”

The MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst and C& talk to Zoulikha Bouabdellah as…

In conversation with Andrew Tshabangu

“My occupation, as a photographer, is a lonely one but places humanity at its centre.”

C& is media partner of the show “The Divine Comedy: Heaven, Hell, Purgatory…


A conversation between Adriano Pedrosa and Emanoel Araujo around Afro Brazil.

C& is happy to publish this conversation between Adriano Pedrosa and Emanoel Araujo…

In conversation with Ato Malinda

“This work tells a story of African hybridity.”

C& is media partner of the major show “The Divine Comedy: Heaven, Hell,…

In conversation with Kudzanai Chiurai

“I have often used religion and ethics as an expression of time.”

C& is media partner of the major show “The Divine Comedy: Heaven, Hell,…

In conversation with Nicène Kossentini

Evoking Imaginary Spaces

C& is media partner of the major show “The Divine Comedy: Heaven, Hell,…

In conversation with Aïda Muluneh

“The inferno is not down below; it is here, ever-present…”

C& is media partner of the major show “The Divine Comedy: Heaven, Hell,…

Manifesta Journal #17:

Raimi Gbadamosi Talks with John Akomfrah

In their conversation, the writers and film-makers Raimi Gbadamosi and John Akomfrah underline…

In conversation with curator Eva Barois de Caevel

“A good way to start off the cycle…”

As the Dakar Biennale is coming up this year in May, C& presents…

In conversation with South African photographer Guy Tillim

“Each scene is a place of meditation, of emptiness.”

C& is media partner of the major show “The Divine Comedy: Heaven, Hell,…

Kagiso Mnisi talks to multifaceted artist Bogosi Sekhukhuni

Sekhukhuni’s Realpolitik and Virtual Real

As a scrutiner of South Africa's contemporary condition, Bogosi Sekhukhuni cuts through the…

In conversation with Samson Kambalu

“For the ranter, the whole world is a playground.”

Our author Massa Lemu talks with London-based artist and author Samson Kambalu about…

An interview with Athi-Patra Ruga

“There is a need for me to constantly re-invent the self.”

Our author Pamella Dlungwana talks to Athi-Patra Ruga about his artistic and performative…

In conversation with Mame-Diarra Niang

“These landscapes are extremely contemporary.”

As the Dakar Biennale is coming up this year in may, C& starts…

A conversation with Zanele Muholi

“I’m an activist first, being a photographer allows me a greater and more influential audience”

Zanele Muholi is honoured with the prestigious Prince Claus Award. C& author Pamella…

1st AFiRIperFOMA Biennial

“Performative practice is their own heritage”

This week the 1st Afiriperfoma Biennial is taking place in Harare: C& talked…

C& meets Nana Oforiatta Ayim

“It is an exercise in storytelling, in challenging dominant narratives.”

Nana Oforiatta Ayim, cultural historian, writer and filmmaker talks to C& about the…

C& in conversation with Marie-Helène Gutberlet

“Becoming more transparent”

C& in conversation with Marie-Helène Gutberlet, curator of the exhibition THE SPACE BETWEEN…

In conversation with Guy Wouete and Serge Alain Nitegeka

“The political rulers are still not taking us in the direction of a peaceful world…”

C& met the artists Guy Wouete and Serge Alain Nitegeka to talk about…

In conversation with Dalila Dalléas Bouzar

“My paintings show that there is no such thing as discontinuity in the history of art.”

Dalila Dalléas Bouzar is presenting her latest work as part of the Körnelia-Goldrausch…

Second artist to be featured in C& Art Space

“I learned mainly by exploring and experimenting with different media while guided by my intuition.”

A conversation between curator and critic Christine Eyene and Em’Kal Eyongakpa

The Angola Pavillion wins the Golden Lion for Best National Participation at Venice

“Chagas photographs reveal the metamorphic nature of objects and spaces in Luanda”

Katia Anguelova and Claudia D’Alonzo, lettera27 Foundation, talk to Stefano Rabolli Pansera, curator…

The new school of curatorial practice:

“There is an opportunity for art exhibitions to be both academically rigorous and wildly popular”

Our author Bomi Odufunade in conversation with the New York based, independent curator…

SAVVY Contemporary

“We’ve arrived”

Our author Elisabeth Wellershaus meets Bonaventure Ndikung, director of Savvy Contemporary

Lagos Soundscapes

“Lagos soundscapes have a strong impact on the imagination. They cannot be ignored.”

The sound artist Emeka Ogboh in conversation with Ugochukwu-Smooth Nzewi Der Sou

C& talks to the curatorial team behind the upcoming Dak'Art 2014

“Our goal is to reposition and strengthen the biennale as the most important venue for contemporary visual culture on the continent.”

C& in conversation with Elise Atangana, Abdelkader Damani und Ugochukwu Smooth Nzewi.

Je m’appelle Sophie

“Sophie is not the only strong woman populating our art scene at the moment”

A conversation with the artist Mary Sibande

A Conversation with curator Tamar Garb

“The past is there for us to try to understand in relation to our own desiring gaze…”

Our author Gürsoy Dogtas talks to Tamar Garb, curator of the exhibition „Distance…

C& in conversation with Raphael Chikukwa

‘We are working towards realizing more exchange between Zimbabwe and the world’

C& in conversation with Raphael Chikukwa, curator of the Pavilion of Zimbabwe at…

In Conversation with Edson Chagas

“Most of my work is series. It’s a method that reflects how I feel things.”

Angola was awarded the Golden Lion for the best pavilion at the 55th…

In Conversation: The Sudanese artist Fadlabi and Senegalese artist Issa Samb

‘An artist doesn’t need to go anywhere. Creating art is being. You can be wherever you are.’

First solo exhibition in Europe by the Senegalese artist Issa Samb. The Sudanese…

C& in conversation with Igo Lassana Diarra

What happens to politically engaged culture during a crisis?

For Bamako-based cultural manager Igo Lassana Diarra, the crisis in Mali turns art…

C& talks to the artist Kemang Wa Lehulere

‘I’m continually under construction, trying to understand my practice along with the world around me…’

Known for his evolving body of performance work, wall drawings and artist collaborations,…

A conversation with Naomi Beckwith and the artist Senga Nengudi

‘It was African and Kabuki-like at the same time’

35 years ago Senga Nengudi's famous public performance 'Ceremony for Freeway Fets' took…

A conversation between curator Yvette Mutumba and Misheck Masamvu

‘It is important to tell your own story as it happens’

A conversation between curator Yvette Mutumba and Misheck Masamvu, our first artist to…

A conversation with the artist Dineo Seshee Bopape

‘The center is everywhere depending on your position’

Her surreal, room-invading installations and videos make Dineo Seshee Bopape one of the…

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