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The BENIN BRONZES Roundtables

The Return of the Benin Bronzes: Part of the Past or Pathway to the Future?

Agwu Enekwachi recently participated in a roundtable discussion in Abuja on the impetus and action around the promised return of the Benin Bronzes.

Blessing Atas, The Egrets. Courtesy the artist.

Tender Photo

Emmanuel Iduma’s Archive Attempts to Hold All That Is Intimate

The artist has created a participatory digital archive around the tenderness in photographs, refusing temporal linearity by drawing out a kinship.

(right) Marlou Fernanda, “Like Me Know, Ego, Death”. (2022). Courtesy of the artist. (left) Marlou Fernanda, “Old Answers New Questions”. (2022). Courtesy of the artist.

Black Womanhood

Marlou Fernanda: Foregrounding the Inner Self through Art

The artist visualizes her inner dialogues with a creative force that is challenging the white-cis male-dominated Dutch art world.

The Women's Museum team delivering a community workshop in Gwembe Valley, Southern Province, Zambia.

Zambian Women’s History Museum

On How to Protect Women’s Stories

A digital museum wants to preserve Zambian culture from a female perspective and make it accessible for a broader audience.

The Africa Centre Interior. Photo: Felix Speler

Cultural Charity

The Return of the Africa Centre in London

Years after the Africa Centre in Covent Garden closed, its recently refurbished Southwark building reflects current connections to the continent.

Frédéric Bruly Bouabré. Le Dieu Solaire APIS (Égyptien) me présente, ici, l’aspect d’un message pictographique que j’essaie d’interpréter à ma façon, au verso du tableau from Connaissance du monde. 1991. Colored pencil and ballpoint pen on board, 6 ⅜ × 12 ⅜” (16.2 × 31.5 cm). The Museum of Modern Art, New York. The Jean Pigozzi Collection of African Art. © 2022 Family of Frédéric Bruly Bouabré

World Unbound

With Substance and Context against Misinterpretation: Fédéric Bruly Bouabré’s Retrospective at MoMa

The exhibition pays Ivory Coast’s most significant 20th-century artist long-overdue appreciation and manifests his importance within art history.

Clockwise: By Gloria Kiconco, Yina Jiménez Suriel, Serine Ahefa Mekoun and Russel Hlongwane

Out now! New Print Issues: C& and documenta fifteen

The Stuff That New Networks Are Made Of

Ann Mbuti looks behind the scenes of a joint project between C& and documenta fifteen that has resulted in four very unique print issues.

Clockwise: Kyle Malanda, Who Will Bury You? III, 2018. Courtesy the artist; Ja’Tovia Gary, Image from Giverny I (Négresse Impériale), 2018. Courtesy the artist; kate-hers RHEE, And then there were none. ©2013, performance HD video and C-Print photography, courtesy of the artist.

From the Archive

Black (Art) History Month

From the reenactment of art conferences in Africa to South-South collaborations, we revisit articles that examine Blackness in a global art context.

30 November 2019 : KOP hosts their last event for 2019 at the Third Placein Newtown. The night had two stages, live graffiti art, games and  heavy entertainment. Photography Andiswa Mkosi

Artist Portrait

ANDYMKOSI, Even in Darkness, Makes a Space for Light

The South African photographer presents us with an alternative and joyful portrait of Black experiences on the continent.

The Red Affair (Detail), 2020, John Baptist Sekubulwa, Courtesy of artist.

Artist Portrait

Ugandan Artist John Baptist Sekubulwa Links Historical And Contemporary Pain

Relentlessly questioning political power relations, Sekubulwa chooses the image of the human brain to depict postcolonial vulnerability – and hope.

Julie Mehretu, Among the Multitude I, 2019/2021. Courtesy the artist and carlier | gebauer.

Julie Mehretu

Keeping Vigil with no Loss to Poetry

Rose Jepkorir spoke to the New York-based artist to dive into her work that explores the strange in between places through abstraction.

Alma Thomas, Air View of Spring Nursery (Detail), 1966. Acrylic on canvas. The Columbus Museum

Inventing Your Own Game

Alma W. Thomas and the Treasures of the Natural World

In the “post-war” period, many pioneering Black artists were largely neglected by the…

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