In Conversation

Brazilian Artist enorê Explores the Creative Language of Data

enorê, whose work challenges the idea of fluidity by connecting digital and non-digital art, speaks to C& about visible and invisible realities.

In Conversation

Christelle Oyiri: As a DJ, I see Myself as a Healing Figure

We speak with the Paris-based multidisciplinary artist and DJ about her practice of easing pain and cataloging as a means of maintaining dignity.

In Conversation

Listening to the Sounds of Nairobi

An artistic collective archives the capital’s soundscape. Here they speak about their motivations and how the tune of the city is constantly changing.

In Conversation

Three Namibian Artists on their Residency at Schloss Solitude

We talked to Vitjitua Ndjiharine, Hage Mukwendje, and Nesindano Namises about their approaches, methods, processes, and inspirations.

In Conversation

Aldeide Delgado and the Women Photographers International Archive

We spoke to the founder of WOPHA about rediscovering forgotten female Cuban artists and photography’s many uses – including its ability to provoke cha

In Conversation

Lunga Ntila Seeks GOD AMONG US in Her Body of Work

Ahead of AKAA Paris we speak to the South African artist about her multiple identities, unfamiliar surroundings, and the symbolism of bees.

Fak’ugesi – African Digital Innovation Festival

Building as a Way to Project Ourselves into the Future

The 2021 edition of Fak’ugesi – African Digital Innovation Festival in Johannesburg focused…

In Conversation

Rafiki Arts Initiatives: Building Bridges Between Norway and Africa

We spoke to Nicole Rafiki, the artist behind a series of actions that…

“Auf Deutsch”

The Artist Mwangi Hutter Reflects on the Human Condition

C& spoke to the Kenyan-German artist duo about the creative process, merged identity and about producing works that aim to look “beyond differences”.

In Conversation

Patrick Eugene: Where Do We Go from Here?

Sabo Kpade speaks to the Haitian-American painter about the timely inspiration for his…

In Conversation

Adrienne Elise Tarver: Invisibility as Superpower

We speak to the New York artist about Black womanhood, invisibility, and the…

“Auf Deutsch”

James Bantone: Mimicry, Performance and Community

The Swiss artist speaks to us about internet culture as a way to reconnect with Black and Brown queer communities.

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