In Conversation

Nyaba Léon Ouédraogo on the Biennale Internationale de Sculpture de Ouagadougou

Louise Thurin speaks to the Burkinabe photographer and co-founder to recapitulate the history and importance of the initiative launched in 2018.

12th Berlin Biennale

Susana Pilar Delahante: Reclaiming Space through Performance

A chat with Cuban artist Susana Pilar Delahante about her career and the work she presented at the 12th Berlin Biennale.

In Conversation

Natalie Perkof and Yvonne Vacha on being Black Czech Artists

In a conversation with each other, the two reflect on their experiences as Black artists in the Czech Republic.

In Conversation

Laboratoire Kontempo Embraces the Art of Conflict

The founders of the Kinshasa based art project speak about artistic complexities and concepts of the foreign.

12th Berlin Biennale

Françoise Vergès: Artists can translate Hope and Anger into Art-Dreams

An interview with the political scientist, film producer, curator, activist, and educator on her participation at the 12th Berlin Biennale.

Giving Back to the Continent

Bikoka Art Project: A New Art Initiative in the South Province of Cameroon

We talk to Christine Eyene, curator and initiator of the contemporary art project founded in 2022 in Lolodorf, Cameroon.

In Conversation

Adéọlá Naomi Adérè̩mí: I Am Afro Greek

The filmmaker upholds experiences of being Black and Greek and creates an archive for the community and for generations to come.

In Conversation

Tabita Rezaire: “I prefer to stand for things I believe in”

In 2020, in the midst of the Amazon forest in French Guiana, artist Tabita Rezaire founded a space for spiritual being and creative exchange.

In Conversation

Concerned Members of the Namibian Arts Community: It is a One-dimensional Problematic Pavilion

We talked to the collective that is questioning the selection process and intentions…

In Conversation

Tobi Alexandra Falade: Inspired From (Un)Usual Spaces

The curator tells C& about an exhibition of Rosa-Johan Uddoh’s films, libraries as exhibition spaces, and Britain’s colonial legacy.

In Conversation

Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste: Bass is Touch

In his exhibition Set It Off, Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste investigates the relationship between sound, Black cultural traditions, and the body

In Conversation

Nandi: An African-Made NFT Marketplace For the World

Nandi’s aim is to enable economic participation and cultural preservation of African creative content in the age of non-fungible tokens.

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