Since 2016 C& is facilitating C& Critical Writing Workshops for young art writers. The idea behind the workshops is to discuss arts reporting and critical writing practice. But also to provide the tools of how to write reviews, comments, essays and to pitch topics to different media platforms. This means expanding their networks with other arts journalists as well as with various publishing outlets beyond C&. The workshops are the beginning of sustainable relations between C& and the participants.




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11 Apr 2024 – 13 Apr 2024

The National Gallery of Jamaica, Kingston

21 Sep 2023 – 23 Sep 2023

Dallas TRHT, Dallas

26 Aug 2023 – 27 Aug 2023

Instituto Inclusartiz, Rio de Janeiro

24 Mar 2023 – 26 Mar 2023

Forkeepsbooks, Atlanta

26 Nov 2018 – 28 Nov 2018

Room Project, Detroit

24 Oct 2018 – 26 Oct 2018

Centro Cultural Brasil-Angola, Luanda

13 Sep 2017 – 15 Sep 2017

National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Harare

02 May 2017 – 04 May 2017

Le Center d’art Waza, Lubumbashi

03 Dec 2016 – 08 Dec 2016

BIEA, Nairobi

01 Jul 2015 – 22 Jul 2015

A White Space Creative Agency, Lagos

C& Special Edition: #artofcritique

A celebration and commemoration of the work that has been produced in the frame of the C& Critical Writing Workshops and the C& Mentoring Program since 2016.

C& Commissions

Janine Jembere

Janine Jembere's radio piece connects the idea of citation to the concept of diaspora. Vibrant, then again calm, it floats through musical expressions.


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