Conscious Codes


In Conversation

Nandi: An African-Made NFT Marketplace For the World

Nandi’s aim is to enable economic participation and cultural preservation of African creative content in the age of non-fungible tokens.

In Conversation

Brazilian Artist enorê Explores the Creative Language of Data

enorê, whose work challenges the idea of fluidity by connecting digital and non-digital art, speaks to C& about visible and invisible realities.

Fak’ugesi – African Digital Innovation Festival

Building as a Way to Project Ourselves into the Future

The 2021 edition of Fak’ugesi – African Digital Innovation Festival in Johannesburg focused…

Africa2020 Season

Fatimah Tuggar: Not Reactive, but Curious

Fatimah Tuggar’s work is included in the exhibition Beyond what we see at…


A Roundtable with Emerging Artists Working with NFTs

Four artists speak to Tash Moore about the opportunities of digital art.

In Conversation with Nina Chanel Abney

Catering to the Imaginary for a Real World

Our author Nelly Y. Pinkrah chatted with artist Nina Chanel Abney about her…

In Conversation with Akwasi Bediako Afrane

Becoming a Prosthesis to TRONS

By refashioning discarded electronic gadgets into “TRONS,” Akwasi Bediako Afrane gets to the…

Digital Arts

Towards New Metaphors of Consciousness

The notion of non-human consciousness is reemerging in the process of reimagining African…

Digital Strokes

The Fantasy of Aspiration in the Paintings of Shannon Tamara Lewis

Olamiju Fajemisin speaks to Shannon Tamara Lewis about her painted assemblages of limbs…


The Digital Has Been Around for a While

The history of technology is inseparable from the history of Africans. From the…

Visions of Cultural Journalism

In a Hypermediatized World

Enos Nyamor explores the visions of cultural journalism in a hypermediatized world.

C& Print Issue #11: Conscious Codes, Anyone?

Black Mirrors and Afro-Surrealism with David Alabo

Read the first text from our new Print Issue #11 entitled Conscious Codes,…

In Conversation with Rasheedah Phillips

Black Futurism & Technologies of Joy

How can positive futurity concepts and sustainable technologies of joy be developed that…

HERE AND NOW: Nkiruka Oparah

How to Shape-shift in an Intersectional Digital World

Nkiruka Oparah is a non-binary artist, writer, and curator working with multiple mediums…

Digital Strokes

Depictions of Queer Black Love for the Digital Age

A new generation of young painters in Europe are using internet languages to…

Venice Biennale 2019

Tavares Strachan: The Idea of a Parallel Universe

Tavares Strachan represented the Bahamas National Pavilion at the 55th Venice Biennale, in…

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