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C& and C&AL Print Issue #12/4: Ecologies

Out Now!

C& and C&AL Print Issue #12/4: Ecologies

We are thrilled to announce the first joint issue between C& and C&AL reflecting on neocolonial structures and the climate crisis.

Mae-ling Lokko, Grounds for Return, 2021. Photo: Selma Gurbuz. Courtesy of the artist.


Changing Perspectives on Waste

Our writer Edna Bonhomme speaks to Mae-ling Lokko about agrowaste, fungi, and her evolution as an artist.

Torkwase Dyson, Liquid A Place, 2023. Homme Adams Park 72500 Thrush Road, Palm Desert at Desert X. Photography courtesy of Lance Gerber.


Locating Blackness In Intimate Ecologies

Ama Josephine Budge on how to resist climate colonialism through a capacious, trans-temporal Blackness.

C& Special Print Issue #Artofcritique, 2023. Photo: C&

Out Now!

New C& Special Print Issue #artofcritique Featuring our Mentees’ Texts

A celebration of the work that has been produced in the frame of the C& Critical Writing Workshops and the C& Mentoring Program since 2016.

Critical Writing Workshop Participant in Lubumbashi, 2017. Photo: Mustache Muhanya

Out Now Soon! C& Special Print Issue #artofcritique

Re-Generation of Life – A Roundtable On Critical Art Writing

Bwanga Kapumpa, Enos Nyamor, Miriane Peregrino and Lorna Telma Zita speak to Rose Jepkorir about their motivations and practice in recent years.

Clockwise: By Gloria Kiconco, Yina Jiménez Suriel, Serine Ahefa Mekoun and Russel Hlongwane

Out now! New Print Issues: C& and documenta fifteen

The Stuff That New Networks Are Made Of

Ann Mbuti looks behind the scenes of a joint project between C& and documenta fifteen that has resulted in four very unique print issues.

The Third Print Issue of C&AL

Out Now!

The Third Print Issue of C&AL

Fresh from the press! The new Contemporary And América Latina (C&AL) Print issue…

Photo: C&


C& Print Issue #11: Conscious Codes, Anyone?

This first C& print edition of 2020 focuses on digital arts and their…

Horace Imhotep, Ancestral Clay, 2018. Acrylic on canvas, 122 x 183 cm. Courtesy of ZuCot Gallery. Private collection

C& Special Edition #Detroit

Digging Deeper: Inside Horace Imhotep’s Ancestral Clay

Jasmine Sinclair Wilson on becoming Horace Imhotep's artwork.

Installation view, Heji Shin, Kunsthalle Zürich, 2018. Photo: Annik Wetter.

C& Special Edition #Detroit

This Is Not About Kanye

“Oh, hey Kanye, what’s up?” Literally the first thing I’m thinking when I…

Nelbia Romero, Sin titulo (Untitled), 1983. Silk screen, 40 x 29 cm. © Hammer Museum 2019.

C& Special Edition #Detroit

Imagining a Way Out: Dystopia and Dictatorships

Felix Jordan Rucker looks into artistic ways of subverting the control of oppressive…

Illustration by Edson Ikê, inspired by self-portrait images from Khadija Saye’s Venice Biennale series Dwelling: In This Space We Breat

C& Special Edition #Detroit

On Death, Loss, And Processing A (Black) Archive

Curator, writer, and artist Legacy Russell ponders the possibility of materializing a Black…

Carl Nielbock and Asmaa Walton. C.A.N. Art Handworks, Inc. 2019. Photo: Anthony Parker

C& Special Edition #Detroit

An Afternoon at C.A.N. Art Handworks

Asmaa Walton speaks to metalsmithing artist Carl Nielbock on his life-changing journey from…

Oliver Harrington, ... And the philosophy of this administration is if it aint broke dont fix it, 1980s. Benday, ink, paper, blue pencil. Courtesy of Dr. Helma Harrington; The Ohio State University, Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum

C& Special Edition #Detroit

Bring the Pain!

Mearg Negusse portrays the American cartoonist Oliver Harrington and his struggle for liberation.

Images courtesy of James Gregory Atkinson. Photos by Paul-David Raerick


A Black Gay Read in Detroit with James Gregory Atkinson

Show Me Your Shelves is a two-city exhibition featuring Black artists from Germany…

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