Curriculum of Connections


Installation View II

documenta fifteen

Ruangrupa takes lumbung as the starting point of documenta fifteen: principles of collectivity, resource building and equitable distribution.

Giving Back to the Continent

Bikoka Art Project: A New Art Initiative in the South Province of Cameroon

We talk to Christine Eyene, curator and initiator of the contemporary art project founded in 2022 in Lolodorf, Cameroon.

Les Ateliers de la Pensée

Forging Ecologies of Knowledge, in Between Arts and Sciences

The 4th Les ateliers de la Pensée brought together artists and intellectuals from Africa and the Diaspora at the Dakar Museum of Black Civilizations

“Auf Deutsch”

Noemi and Milena Weber Explore Common Spaces

With C&, the sisters based in Amsterdam and Düsseldorf spoke about communal processes in their art.

In Conversation

Rashid Shabazz: Introducing Diversity into Art Criticism

As the executive director of the Critical Minded initiative, Rashid Shabazz hopes to…

"Auf Deutsch"

A Bavarian Intergenerational Exchange

Malcom Ohanwe sat down with artist Ransome Stanley to discuss and compare Afro-German…

C& Center of Unfinished Business

Decentering the I: How to Redefine the Human

Our Deputy Editor Will Furtado argues that indigenous knowledge has always held the…

“Auf Deutsch”

AfroDiaspora 2.0// e.V. : Creating Safer Spaces

For centuries there has been Black cultural production from countries where German is…

Are We Not Makers of History?

Afro-Lusophone Artists Grapple with Memory in New Book

A publication featuring artists in Portuguese-speaking countries suggests distinct artistic approaches to dealing…

In Conversation

Oyindamola Fakeye – the New Creative Director of CCA Lagos

Obidike Okafor spoke to the creative producer about the legacy of founder Bisi…

Partcours in Dakar

Art in the Year of the Biennale That Was Not

Amina Lawal Agoro looks on the event that reinvigorated Dakar’s art scene during…

Vision Totale

How an Art Collective Determines its Modes of Production

The Kinshasa based collective Vi.To shares a common practice and an understanding of…

In Conversation with Ismail Mahomed

The Visionary Art Schools of South Africa

Two arts educational projects in South Africa have been providing Black students with…

C& Special Edition #Detroit

On Death, Loss, And Processing A (Black) Archive

Curator, writer, and artist Legacy Russell ponders the possibility of materializing a Black…

Black Lunch Table

Using the Lunchroom to Connect Black Arts Professionals

Starting from the phenomenon of self-segregation during lunchtime in schools and workplaces, Black…

C& Print Issue #9: Round Table

Kelvin Haizel: “The question points to the overburdened subject every artist from the Global South has had to grapple with in the last thirty years.”

In our ongoing series of round-table discussions we ask a selection of artists…

In Conversation with Same Mdluli

A Sense of Ubuntu

Young South-African curator Same Mdluli joined the Standard Bank Gallery as manager in…

Village Unhu

The Project Space Cultivating a Community of Artists in Harare

Founded by three creatives, Village Unhu in Harare, Zimbabwe, is an art space…

Museum of Impossible Forms

The Project in Finland Democratizing Gallery Space

In 2017 three friends in Helsinki, Finland, joined forces to counter the inaccessibility…

In Conversation with Jamilah Sabur

Linking South America and the Caribbean

Jamilah Sabur is a Jamaican-born, Miami-based multidisciplinary artist. For her latest solo exhibition…

C& Print Issue #7

Souleymane Bachir Diagne: Trump Troubles

Senegalese philosopher Souleymane Bachir Diagne chats to C& about post-Trump America and Africa…

C& Print Issue #7

Department of Now

The teaching methods at Ghana’s Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology has…

In Conversation with Zohra Opoku

From Ghana to Bahia

Multidisciplinary Ghanaian-German artist Zohra Opoku has recently curated the show Nathi.Aha.Sasa. in Vienna…

C& Print Issue #7

Host Protocol

Sepake Angiama, Head of Education at documenta 14, and Elke aus dem Moore,…

C& Print Issue #7

Àsìkò Diaries

Mimi Cherono Ng’ok, Victoria Udondian and Dana Whabira talk to Stephanie Baptist about…

C& Print Issue #7

After Orientalism

The Group of Casablanca pioneered innovative teaching and exhibiting strategies that rejected the…

C& Print Issue #7

Soweto Story

Will South African university students demanding free and decolonised education be lionised like…

C& and Aperture Magazine

Learning from Addis Ababa

The Addis Foto Fest is a Forum Connecting African Photographers. Ethiopian photographer Aida…

C& Print Issue #7

Troubling Categories

Indifferent African states have enabled Western elites to define the continent’s artistic production,…

C& Print Issue #7

Teaching to Empower

C& asks M. Neelika Jayawardane, Sharlene Khan, and Felwine Sarr about teaching students…

C& Print Issue #7

“If you’re running from history, it will eventually catch up with you”

Pélagie Gbaguidi, an artist from Benin appearing on documenta 14, tells C& about…

C& Print Issue #7

Lessons in Impropriety

Born out of a collective of Indonesian student-press activists, KUNCI Cultural Studies Centre…

C& Print Issue #7

Make Do

Rockston Studio is an artist-led project in the Zambian capital Lusaka whose ethos…

C& and Aperture Magazine

Camerawork Now

New technologies have helped and hindered the development of photography on the continent,…

Curriculum of Connections: Àsìkò Art School

Collaborative Criticism

Martha Kazungu, a former participant of Àsìkò Art School in Addis Ababa, talks…

South South Connections at the Goodman Gallery

Old Forms, New Potential

The Goodman Gallery in South Africa opened its second exhibition under the initiative…

C& Commissions: CUSS

A Networked Practice

For C& Commissions, CUSS present their first horror short film Streetkid. The collective…

Curriculum of Connections: Karo Akpokiere

Three Periods of Engagement with the Bauhaus

In this piece, artist Karo Akpokiere draws parallels between the Bauhaus and his…

Curriculum of Connections: The International Summer Academy Salzburg

Becoming Truly Global?

When Oskar Kokoschka established the International Summer Academy Salzburg in 1953, such institutions…

In Conversation with Emeka Ogboh

Addis to Berlin via Lagos

Sound artist Emeka Ogboh caught up with C& to talk about his African…

C& Print: The Interview Issue

It’s all about sharing knowledge

Shortly before his death in 2014, legendary South African artist Peter Clarke chatted…

In conversation with Okwui Enwezor

“We have to test the premise that nations no longer matter.”

C& talks to Okwui Enwezor, director of the Haus der Kunst in Munich…

Curriculum of Connections: Alle School of Fine Arts and Design

“The Alle School of Fine Arts and Design has undergone major changes”

Berhanu Ashagrie Deribew, head of the Alle School of Fine Arts and Design…

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