Black Cultures Matter


Dak’art, la Biennale de Dakar 2022

Forger : la postcolonie se lèvera

Isabelle N’diaye à propos de la biennale qui entend mettre en place les conditions pour forger des royaumes par le feu et l’action.

In Conversation

Adéọlá Naomi Adérè̩mí: I Am Afro Greek

The filmmaker upholds experiences of being Black and Greek and creates an archive for the community and for generations to come.

In Conversation

Concerned Members of the Namibian Arts Community: It is a One-dimensional Problematic Pavilion

We talked to the collective that is questioning the selection process and intentions…

Les Ateliers de la Pensée

Forger des écologies du savoir, entre arts et sciences

La 4e Les Ateliers de la Pensée ont réuni des artistes et des intellectuels d’Afrique et de la diaspora au Musée des civilisations noires de Dakar.

The Evidence of Things Not Seen

Carrie Mae Weems Investigates US History through James Baldwin

The US artist’s first solo and retrospective exhibition in Germany takes the name of a Baldwin essay and features a variety of media.

In Conversation

Tobi Alexandra Falade: Inspired From (Un)Usual Spaces

The curator tells C& about an exhibition of Rosa-Johan Uddoh’s films, libraries as exhibition spaces, and Britain’s colonial legacy.

When Rain Clouds Gather

Archives of Womanhood and Blackness in South Africa

This exhibition at Norval Foundation shows a detailed history of pioneering Black South African female artists from 1940 to 2000.

Looking Back

James Baldwin in Istanbul: Art and Activism in Exile

While in Istanbul Baldwin used fierce artistry to unmask the USA’s façade as the custodian of freedom and democracy, explains curator Gürsoy Doğtaş.

From the Archive

Black (Art) History Month

From the reenactment of art conferences in Africa to South-South collaborations, we revisit articles that examine Blackness in a global art context.

In Conversation

Nandi: An African-Made NFT Marketplace For the World

Nandi’s aim is to enable economic participation and cultural preservation of African creative content in the age of non-fungible tokens.

En conversation

L’artiste originaire du Brésil enorê interroge le langage créatif des données

enorê, dont le travail trouble la notion de fluidité en reliant l'art numérique et le non numérique, discute avec C& des réalités (in)visibles.

Thread for a Web Begun at MoAD

Billie Zangewa: The Domestic Is Political

The Malawi-born, Johannesburg-based artist creates scenes of the domestic to celebrate the feminine and the unseen.

Artist Portrait

Ugandan Artist John Baptist Sekubulwa Links Historical And Contemporary Pain

Relentlessly questioning political power relations, Sekubulwa chooses the image of the human brain to depict postcolonial vulnerability – and hope.

The Eye Is Not Satisfied With Seeing

Jennifer Packer: Confronting the Complex, the Ugly, and the Forbidden

The US painter uses the symbolism of flowers to remember violent losses within the Black community and create tender moments that embody the senses.

In Conversation

Rafiki Arts Initiatives: Building Bridges Between Norway and Africa

We spoke to Nicole Rafiki, the artist behind a series of actions that…

Make Techno Black Again

L’exposition « TECHNO » révélatrice de carences institutionnelles

L’historienne de l’art Jamila Moroder signale qu’une exposition à Bolzano, en Italie, déconnecte…

Black Archives Sweden

Ina Nian Investigates The Weight of Silence

The artist explores Sweden’s iron production and its connection with the transatlantic slave…

“Auf Deutsch”

Noemi et Milena Weber explorent les espaces communs

Avec C&, les deux sœurs qui vivent entre Amsterdam et Düsseldorf, discutent des processus collectifs dans leur art.

Inventer son propre terrain

Alma W. Thomas et les trésors du monde naturel

Après la guerre, de nombreux artistes de couleur se sont vus rejetés par…

"Auf Deutsch"

Deborah Joyce Holman – Unless : le possible des actes subtils de refus

Nous avons rencontré l'artiste suisse Deborah Joyce Holman pour parler des aspects clés de ce travail de docufiction poétique.

Les pratiques décoloniales minga, Colombie

La création comme processus collectif

Minga Prácticas De-coloniales (pratiques décoloniales minga) est un collectif interdisciplinaire qui souhaite entendre…

In Conversation

Rashid Shabazz: Introducing Diversity into Art Criticism

As the executive director of the Critical Minded initiative, Rashid Shabazz hopes to…

"Auf Deutsch"

A Bavarian Intergenerational Exchange

Malcom Ohanwe sat down with artist Ransome Stanley to discuss and compare Afro-German…

“Auf Deutsch”

AfroDiaspora 2.0// e.V. : Creating Safer Spaces

For centuries there has been Black cultural production from countries where German is…

En Conversation

Karimah Ashadu : Le travail comme pratique vers l’indépendance

Nous avons discuté avec l'artiste Karimah Ashadu du sentiment de curiosité qui anime…

“Auf Deutsch”

Belinda Kazeem-Kamiński : Le regard comme acte de production de connaissances

Depuis des siècles, les pays germanophones forment un espace où s'origine une riche…

Are We Not Makers of History?

Afro-Lusophone Artists Grapple with Memory in New Book

A publication featuring artists in Portuguese-speaking countries suggests distinct artistic approaches to dealing…

Africa2020 Season

Fatimah Tuggar : Réactionnaire ? Non, mais curieuse.

Le travail de Fatimah Tuggar fait partie de l'exposition Au-delà des apparences aux…


A Roundtable with Emerging Artists Working with NFTs

Four artists speak to Tash Moore about the opportunities of digital art.

La restitution des bronzes du Bénin

Perspectives nigérianes

L’Allemagne devrait restituer les bronzes du Bénin au cours de l’année 2022, nous…

En Conversation

Tarek Lakhrissi : Mettre en scène la mélancolie, trouver l’inspiration dans les mots des autres

L'exposition personnelle de Tarek Lakhrissi, Perfume of Traitors, a ouvert ses portes à…

Invisible Inventories

Absent Figures: The Difficult Questions Restitution Raises

Being asked to call something an object can be troubling, as evidenced in…

Over the Radar

Christopher Ulutupu: Fantasy, Desire, and Indigeneity

Despite having had limited cultural exchange, the continents of Africa and Oceania are…

In Conversation

Uganda’s New Arts Center is One Step Closer to Completion

With its fundraising campaign ongoing, 32º East | Ugandan Arts Trust is nearing…

En Conversation avec Immy Mali

ruby onyinyechi amanze : Dessiner les éléments, chorégraphier la liberté

ruby onyinyechi amanze réalise des dessins-collages élaborés qui évoquent des moments de liberté…

Design in Westafrica 

Worldforming by Ghanaian Women in Architecture

For three generations of women born between Ghana’s independence in 1957 and the…

Good to Hear

These Are the Podcasts You Need to Follow

Knowledge production has never been so swift, intersectional, and accessible. And much of…

Okwui Enwezor's last exhibition

Black Grief and White Grievance

At New York’s New Museum, the last exhibition conceived by Okwui Enwezor functions…

In Conversation

Euridice Kala: Rethinking the Archive

The Mozambican artist spoke to Sean O’Toole about her personal approaches to archives,…

Celebrating Female Pioneers

Where are the Women Image-Makers in African History?

On the occasion of International Women's Day, our author Ethel-Ruth Tawe looks toward…

White Label

Comment Warhol a effacé l’identité de ses modèles transgenres Noir·es.

L'historien de l'art Gürsoy Doğtaş analyse les déséquilibres de pouvoir entre Warhol et ses modèles BIPoC queer et trans du Lower Manhattan.

In Conversation with Maxwell Alexandre

“There is a Future Changing the Imagination of Subalterity”

The boy who was born in 1990 stepped into his inline “blades” for…

In Memory of Rosemary Namuli Karuga and Kawira Mwirichia

The Legacies of Two Pioneering Female Artists Help Us Fill Kenya’s Historical Fractures

In the past few months two pioneering female Kenyan artists from different generations…

Black (Art) History Month

Looking at The Intersection of Time

While questions around time are currently occupying many, we rummaged through our archives…

In Conversation

Anta Helena Recke and Joana Tischkau on the German Museum for Black Entertainment and Black Music

C& spoke to the two founders of a new institution dedicated to Black…

In Conversation

Oyindamola Fakeye – the New Creative Director of CCA Lagos

Obidike Okafor spoke to the creative producer about the legacy of founder Bisi…

In Conversation

Victor Ekpuk: Confronting the Beast Through Art

The Washington, D.C.-based artist spoke to Sharon Pendana about his multidisciplinary practice committed…

In Conversation with Nuno Silas

The Intensity of Identity of a Diasporic Artist

We spoke to the Maputo-born artist Nuno Silas about his work in the…

Collectors' View

Intersecting Patronage, Family and Community with Bernard Lumpkin

After a decade of collecting artworks by artists of African descent with his…

En conversation avec Bola Juju

Rêver une résistance radicale

L'artiste Mia Imani Harrison investit ses rêves pour inventer de nouvelles formes de…

Marechera’s The House of Hunger

The Novel that Almost Shaped a Postmodern Postcolonial Africa

Artist Santiago Mostyn revisits The House of Hunger by Zimbabwean writer Dambudzo Marechera…

Will Furtado s'interroge sur la diaspora globale

Multiplier les perspectives

Notes sur la manière dont une vision élargie du concept de négritude [Blackness] occupe le devant de la scène dans les médias grand public.

La critique institutionnelle

Quand les artistes prennent la parole

L'art a le pouvoir de parler ou même de « penser » pour…

Contemporary Namibian Art

Finding Power in Hidden Structures

In StArt Art's exhibition Finding Power, the work of artists Elisia Nghidishange, Nicky…

In Conversation with Antwaun Sargent

Tearing Down Borders Between Magazines and Museums

Still fresh from publishing his first edited photography book, The New Black Vanguard,…

Townhouse Gallery Cairo

The End of Many Endings?

The Townhouse Gallery in Cairo is closing down again and continues its struggle…


« Creating Art from a Precarious Position Is a Challenge and an Opportunity »

Maximiliano Mamani is an artist from the Argentinean Andes who gives life to…

One Long Black Sentence

Queering the Line with Renee Gladman & Fred Moten

nan collymore dives into the still and sophic work of Renee Gladman.

Black Internet

yungjake: The Artist Memorializing Black Lives with Emoji Portraits

As emojis have begun to reflect our identities, Los Angeles artist and rapper…

In Conversation with Deborah Joyce Holman and Jasmine Gregory

On Anti-Blackness: An Open Letter to Swiss Institutions

We spoke to two of the 50 Black artists and cultural workers in…



Countless voices of persons currently working in the cultural field find a platform…

No Justice No Peace


In this current moment, which ferociously amplifies the uncertainty, pain, and disruption caused…

HERE AND NOW: Frida Orupabo

Understanding the Self through Depictions of the Black Female Body

Having formed her visual language after discovering the internet in her twenties, Frida…

En conversation avec Janice Mitchell

Pourquoi les musées allemands doivent rattraper leur retard

La collection d'un musée est le reflet du pouvoir : elle témoigne du…

Sensuous Knowledge: A Black Feminist Approach for Everyone

The Forgotten Social History of International Blackness

For people of Black African heritage, identifying with Blackness is the glue that…

The Nordics: Out of the Shadows

Is There Room for All of Us?

Norway portrays itself as an open, liberal, and tolerant country, says C& writer…


Light in Times of Growing Uncertainty

The touring exhibition Lumières d’Afrique stops off in Johannesburg amid a global pandemic…


Leticia Contreras on Art in the Age of Social Emergency

Few concepts speak of the personal as political as well as the ideas…

The Nordics: Out of the Shadows

Sasha Huber: Honoring Lost Memories

Despite their colonial history, the Nordic countries don’t have as large communities of…

In Conversation with Beatriz Dias

Memorial in Lisbon: Recovering History That Was Made Invisible

"Plantation – Prosperity and Nightmare,” a project by the Angolan artist Kiluanji Kia…

Over the Radar

Ivy Mutuku: “The world hasn’t tasted the sauce we have yet!”

Despite having had limited cultural exchange, the continents of Africa and Oceania are…

States of Mobility

The Politics of Belonging

Mobility in the arts, geographical or otherwise, is often seen as almost a…



C& is in solidarity with all the artists, independent curators, writers, other cultural…

States of Mobility

Those Who Leave and Those Who Are Left

Mobility in the arts, geographical or otherwise, is often seen as almost a…

States of Mobility

“The passport that does not pass ports”

Mobility in the arts, geographical or otherwise, is often seen as almost a…

Santu Mofokeng (1956 -2020)

A Vision from a Mystical Source

The late Santu Mofokeng was one of the few artists who managed to…

Black Curators Forum Toronto

Un·e curateur·rice Noir·e n’est jamais qu’un·e simple curateur·rice

Le premier Black Curators Forum a eu lieu à Toronto, au Canada, vers…

Inventing Your Own Game

Betye Saar : Cette majesté qu’elle tient entre ses mains

Après la guerre, de nombreux artistes de couleur se sont vus rejetés par…


How do we (not) Speak About Art and Violence?

On October 1st 2019 SWEAT (Sex Workers Education & Advocacy Taskforce) publicly called for…

Édition spéciale de C& #Detroit

Ce n’est pas de Kanye qu’il s’agit ici

Hé, salut Kanye, quoi de neuf ? » C’est exactement ce qui me…

Art and Stereotypes

Playing with Race

We are still stumbling across curated incredibilities taking place in museums and art…

Akosua Adoma Owusu: Welcome to the Jungle

Beauté et puissance de la culture capillaire noire

Entremêlant des récits hétéroclites autour de l’animation des salons de coiffure et de…

Inventing Your Own Game

Jack Whitten : Un peintre de peintre reçoit une reconnaissance bien méritée

Après la guerre, de nombreux artistes de couleur se sont vus rejetés par…

The Netherlands: Untold Tales

Dutch Afro Subjectivities: In a State of Becoming “Black”

The Netherlands was one of the most belligerent European colonial empires. Driven by…

The Netherlands: Untold Tales

Kevin Osepa: The Curaçao Artist Exploring Afro-Caribbean Spiritual Culture

Inspired by the “magical thinking” of his native Curaçao, Kevin Osepa uses photography…

In Conversation with Akinola Davies Jr.

“Colonialism in Britain is felt through the diasporas”

Entitled HOD, Akinola Davies Jr’s recent exhibition assembled a series of nonlinear films…

In Conversation with Diedrick Brackens

“I embody identities that defy narrow definitions”

Los Angeles-based artist Diedrick Brackens is a rarity in the growing virtual spheres…

The Netherlands: Untold Tales

Sara Blokland: “Who is allowed to be in the picture?”

The Netherlands was one of the most belligerent European colonial empires. Driven by…

In Conversation with Wu Tsang

Rethinking the Museum of Tomorrow

Who does the museum appeal to, who does it welcome, and who does…

In Conversation with Thuli Mlambo-James and Libita Clayton

“We’re all in this together”

A year ago, Thuli Mlambo-James was appointed new director at Johannesburg’s renowned Bag…

In Conversation with Keyezua

Bringing Ritual Back to the Mask

For 2018’s Cape Town Art fair, Luanda-based artist Keyezua will show a series…

32nd Bienal de São Paulo

A Visionary Whose Aim Is to Transform Culture

Acclaimed South African painter Helen Sebidi, who is showing at the 32nd Bienal…