“Auf Deutsch”

Belinda Kazeem-Kamiński: Looking As an Act of Knowledge Production

For centuries there has been Black cultural production from countries where German is…

Africa2020 Season

Fatimah Tuggar: Not Reactive, but Curious

Fatimah Tuggar’s work is included in the exhibition Beyond what we see at…


A Roundtable with Emerging Artists Working with NFTs

Four artists speak to Tash Moore about the opportunities of digital art.

In Conversation

Josèfa Ntjam: Dissolving the Separation Between Human and Non-human

Josèfa Ntjam is an artist, performer, and writer exploring concepts of fluidity through…

In Conversation

Tarek Lakhrissi: Staging Melancholy, Finding Inspiration in Other People’s Words

Tarek Lakhrissi’s solo show Perfume of Traitors opened at VITRINE gallery in London…

Saison Africa2020

Najah Zarbout : Au carrefour des chemins

Pour son exposition « Thanaya : entre plis et chemins » dans le…

Saison Africa2020

Abdelkader Damani: En quête de formes de libertés

Sujet de l’exposition d’Abdelkader Damani dans le cadre de la saison Africa2020, Alger…

Saison Africa2020

N’Goné Fall: Bien plus qu’une Saison

L’événement français de grande ampleur Africa2020 a connu des débuts difficiles. Sa commissaire…

In Conversation

Minia Biabiany: Choreography of the Archipelago

In her work, artist Minia Biabiany from the French-speaking Caribbean island of Guadeloupe,…

Over the Radar

Christopher Ulutupu: Fantasy, Desire, and Indigeneity

Despite having had limited cultural exchange, the continents of Africa and Oceania are…

En conversation

Massinissa Selmani : créer des œuvres dans la dualité

Notre auteure Elisa Pierandrei s’est entretenue avec l’artiste algérien Massinissa Selmani à propos…

In Conversation

Uganda’s New Arts Center is One Step Closer to Completion

With its fundraising campaign ongoing, 32º East | Ugandan Arts Trust is nearing…

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