In Conversation

Adéọlá Naomi Adérè̩mí: I Am Afro Greek

The filmmaker upholds experiences of being Black and Greek and creates an archive for the community and for generations to come.

In Conversation

Tabita Rezaire: “I prefer to stand for things I believe in”

In 2020, in the midst of the Amazon forest in French Guiana, artist Tabita Rezaire founded a space for spiritual being and creative exchange.

In Conversation

Concerned Members of the Namibian Arts Community: It is a One-dimensional Problematic Pavilion

We talked to the collective that is questioning the selection process and intentions…

In Conversation

Tobi Alexandra Falade: Inspired From (Un)Usual Spaces

The curator tells C& about an exhibition of Rosa-Johan Uddoh’s films, libraries as exhibition spaces, and Britain’s colonial legacy.

In Conversation

Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste: Bass is Touch

In his exhibition Set It Off, Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste investigates the relationship between sound, Black cultural traditions, and the body

In Conversation

Nandi: An African-Made NFT Marketplace For the World

Nandi’s aim is to enable economic participation and cultural preservation of African creative content in the age of non-fungible tokens.

In Conversation

Marsha Reid: Public Sculpture and Cultural Equity

We spoke to the US arts activist about an exhibition in which she invites artists to create public works that question ownership of open spaces.

En conversation

L’artiste originaire du Brésil enorê interroge le langage créatif des données

enorê, dont le travail trouble la notion de fluidité en reliant l'art numérique et le non numérique, discute avec C& des réalités (in)visibles.

In Conversation

Christelle Oyiri: As a DJ, I see Myself as a Healing Figure

We speak with the Paris-based multidisciplinary artist and DJ about her practice of easing pain and cataloging as a means of maintaining dignity.

In Conversation

Listening to the Sounds of Nairobi

An artistic collective archives the capital’s soundscape. Here they speak about their motivations and how the tune of the city is constantly changing.

In Conversation

Three Namibian Artists on their Residency at Schloss Solitude

We talked to Vitjitua Ndjiharine, Hage Mukwendje, and Nesindano Namises about their approaches, methods, processes, and inspirations.

In Conversation

Aldeide Delgado and the Women Photographers International Archive

We spoke to the founder of WOPHA about rediscovering forgotten female Cuban artists and photography’s many uses – including its ability for change.