En Conversation avec Immy Mali

ruby onyinyechi amanze : Dessiner les éléments, chorégraphier la liberté

ruby onyinyechi amanze réalise des dessins-collages élaborés qui évoquent des moments de liberté…

Good to Hear

These Are the Podcasts You Need to Follow

Knowledge production has never been so swift, intersectional, and accessible. And much of…

Collectors' View

Intersecting Patronage, Family and Community with Bernard Lumpkin

After a decade of collecting artworks by artists of African descent with his…

Art X Lagos 2020

Radically Different, This Year

Tokini Peterside explains how Art X Lagos adapted to the pandemic and to…

The Yemisi Shyllon Museum of Art

An Educational Collection

Four years ago, Africa's biggest art collector, Prince Yemisi Shyllon, started the process…

C& Print Issue Another 89

Paving Ways

Raja Lubinetzki is an East German-born poet and artist. Diane Izabiliza sees a…

Inventing Your Own Game

Betye Saar : Cette majesté qu’elle tient entre ses mains

Après la guerre, de nombreux artistes de couleur se sont vus rejetés par…

C& Special Edition #Detroit

Explorer les profondeurs depuis le cœur d’Ancestral Clay d’Horace Imhotep

Jasmine Sinclair Wilson et son immersion dans l’œuvre d’art d’Horace Imhotep.

C& Special Edition #Detroit

Inventer une issue : dystopies et dictatures

Felix Jordan Rucker se penche sur des moyens artistiques de troubler le contrôle…

C& Special Edition #Detroit

Why They Left America

Mearg Negusse on the self-imposed exiles of US artists Mildred Thompson and Ben…

C& Special Edition #Detroit

Défier la souffrance!

Mearg Negusse dresse le portrait du caricaturiste américain Oliver Harrington et raconte sa…

In Memoriam

Toni Morrison (1931-2019)

Her words are like a second mother-tongue — she taught us a new…

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