Love actually

Helena Uambembe, In memory We love, 2022. Installation view at Njabala Foundation. Photo: Royal Kenogo.

Njabala Foundation

An Exhibition that Welcomed Grief at the Door and Pulled out a Chair

On a curatorial trip to Kampala, curator Rosie Olang’ Odhiambo shares her impressions in a letter to a loved one in Nairobi.

Installation view of Giants: Art from the Dean Collection. Photo: Paula Abreu Pita.

Giants: Art from the Dean Collection of Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys

A Show of Parallels and Superlatives

C&'s Nan Collymore visited the highly acclaimed exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum and found many things to fall in love with.

Heiko-Thandeka Ncube, The early rains which wash away the chaff before the spring rains, 2023. Video, 12 mins, film still.


Every Straw Is a Straw Too Much

Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung on the psychological burden of being racialized while doing art.

Photography by Paul Kodio

Rencontres de Bamako – Biennale Africaine de la Photographie

Ousmane Diarra nous fait part de ses méditations sur la Biennale

L'auteur revient sur une année de bouleversements : coups d’État, guerres et embargos, mais aussi sur les liens artistiques tissés avec le monde.

Amakaba, introduction video (still), 2021. Courtesy of Amakaba.

In Conversation

Tabita Rezaire: “I prefer to stand for things I believe in”

In 2020, in the midst of the Amazon forest in French Guiana, artist Tabita Rezaire founded a space for spiritual being and creative exchange.

Kawira Mwirichia posing with her Kenya Kanga Flag, 2019. Quote by Ivy Gatibaru “Penzi Langu Halali,” meaning “My love is valid” in Swahili. Image from the artist’s Instagram.

In Memory of Rosemary Namuli Karuga and Kawira Mwirichia

The Legacies of Two Pioneering Female Artists Help Us Fill Kenya’s Historical Fractures

In the past few months two pioneering female Kenyan artists from different generations…

Installation View DMSUBM. Photo: Hannah Aders

In Conversation

Anta Helena Recke and Joana Tischkau on the German Museum for Black Entertainment and Black Music

C& spoke to the two founders of a new institution dedicated to Black…

Mia Imani Harrison, Soil is an inscribed body. On Sovereignty and Agropoetics. Exhibition at SAVVY Contemporary e.V. Photo: Raisa Galofre/ Savvy Contemporary.

En conversation avec Bola Juju

Rêver une résistance radicale

L'artiste Mia Imani Harrison investit ses rêves pour inventer de nouvelles formes de…

Sola Olulode, Close To You, 2019.

Digital Strokes

Depictions of Queer Black Love for the Digital Age

A new generation of young painters in Europe are using internet languages to…

Image Courtesy of ScumTrust.

#Seattle with Cura Club, Playthey and ScumTrust

Radical Collectivity

Known for the invention of Starbucks, its deep nostalgia for grunge, and a…

Banele Khoza, (left) Watching You, Gouache on Paper, 2019. 42,5cm x 30,4cm (right) Warhol still 1, 2018. Acrylic and ink on linen canvas, 60cm x 81cm. Courtesy the artist.

In Conversation with Banele Khoza

The Many Faces of Love

Banele Khoza is a visual artist who also writes poetry. In his most…

Grace Wales Bonner, Shrine I 2019, Grace Wales Bonner: A Time for New Dreams. (Installation view, 18 January – 16 February 2019, Serpentine Galleries). © 2019

In Conversation with Grace Wales Bonner

Bringing One in Communion with Ancestors

Informed by her African heritage, Grace Wales Bonner uses fashion as a means…

Kevin Osepa, Wowo, from the series ‘Mester Blousé’, 2017. Courtesy the artist.

The Netherlands: Untold Tales

Kevin Osepa: The Curaçao Artist Exploring Afro-Caribbean Spiritual Culture

Inspired by the “magical thinking” of his native Curaçao, Kevin Osepa uses photography…

Unathi Mkonto, Presentation 1 (fitting 2) (2018) | Vinyl, mild steel, approx. 120 x 110 x 24 cm


The Eroticism of Unathi Mkonto’s Abstract Sculptural Artworks

Unathi Mkonto is a South African artist who creates erotic sculptural works that…

(left) Cover of Frantz Fanon, Black Skin, White Masks (right) Lyle Ashton Harris, Brotherhood, Crossroads and Etcetera #3 [in collaboration with Thomas Allen Harris], 1994. Courtesy the artist.

C& Center of Unfinished Business

How Frantz Fanon Has Influenced Generations of Queer Artists

In this series, C& and ArtsEverywhere commission texts inspired by the books in…

Brother(hood) Dance!, Photo: Jaimé Dzandu

C& Édition Papier #8: Brother(hood) Dance!

Offrir une visibilité à l’amour du même genre par la danse

Ricarrdo Valentine et Orlando Hunter, les artistes de Brother(hood) Dance!, se sont rencontrés…

Eric Gyamfi, Some of the LGBT community members organize a night of dance and performance for themselves after the international day against homophobia and transphobia event as a way to get to know other community members and to network. From the series Just Like Us, 2016. Courtesy the artist

C& and Aperture Magazine

In Ghana, Visions of Queer Friendship and Love

Eric Gyamfi reflects on his activism, photography, and telling the stories of West…

Kader Attia’s solo show, REPAIR. 5 Acts, 2013

Love actually...Ato Malinda

Kader Attia’s solo show, REPAIR. 5 Acts, 2013

A new series inviting artists, cultural producers, and writers to share their thoughts…

Malick Sidibé, Nuit de Noël, 1963

Love actually...Tokini Peterside

Malick Sidibé, Nuit de Noël, 1963

A new series inviting artists, cultural producers, and writers to share their thoughts…

Moshekwa Langa, Untitled,1995

Love actually...Sean O'Toole

Moshekwa Langa, Untitled,1995

Une nouvelle série qui invite des artistes, des créateurs culturels et des auteurs…