Gabi Ngcobo Investigates the Specters of the Museum

Since Gabi Ngcobo has started as curatorial director at a large Pretoria based…

The Benin Bronzes Restitution

A View from Nigeria

We asked 9 art professionals from the Nigerian art scene for their thoughts…

Digital Art

What Are NFTs and What Do They Mean for BIPOC Artists?

NFT art has recently sold for millions, heralding a new age of opportunity…

Digital Auctions

Bidding for Art on WhatsApp while in Lockdown

The One Off Gallery in Nairobi started to sell art via messaging apps…

Kunstinstituut Melly

What’s at Stake in Decolonizing an Art Institution?

A Rotterdam art institute announces its new decolonial name. Will Furtado weighs in…

White Label

How Warhol Erased the Identity of His Black Trans Sitters

Art historian Gürsoy Doğtaş analyses the power imbalances between Warhol and his BIPoC queer and trans sitters of lower Manhattan

In Memory of Rosemary Namuli Karuga and Kawira Mwirichia

The Legacies of Two Pioneering Female Artists Help Us Fill Kenya’s Historical Fractures

In the past few months two pioneering female Kenyan artists from different generations…

In Memoriam

Bon voyage Dorine Mokha

The Congoloese artist died on 8 January in Lubumbashi at the age of…

"Decadence and Dark Dreams"

What are historical exhibitions for?

Mokia Laisin on institutional omittance of colonial terror.

Michelle M. Wright: “We must take the long view”

The Day After the US Election/The US Election After the Day

Academic and cultural producer Michelle M. Wright reflects on the current political situation…

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