Les Ateliers de la Pensée

Forger des écologies du savoir, entre arts et sciences

La 4e Les Ateliers de la Pensée ont réuni des artistes et des intellectuels d’Afrique et de la diaspora au Musée des civilisations noires de Dakar.

The Evidence of Things Not Seen

Carrie Mae Weems Investigates US History through James Baldwin

The US artist’s first solo and retrospective exhibition in Germany takes the name of a Baldwin essay and features a variety of media.

When Rain Clouds Gather

Archives of Womanhood and Blackness in South Africa

This exhibition at Norval Foundation shows a detailed history of pioneering Black South African female artists from 1940 to 2000.

ArtHARARE 2021

The Particularities of a Place

This edition of artHARARE, navigating through the city and diasporic experiences, allowed reflections on the possibilities of presenting art online.

Responding to the Global Pandemic

A Photographic Reflection on the Self and the Other

In a recent exhibition, the London-based photographic arts organization Autograph ABP addressed multi-perspective takes on Covid by British photograph

Le meilleur de l'année 2021

Une sélection des articles de C& les plus marquants de 2021 qui vous ont peut-être échappé

De la restitution des bronzes du Bénin à la célébration bien trop tardive des femmes artistes, voici quelques-uns de nos textes les plus lus en 2021.

Let us Mourn in Peace

Global Grief 2021: The Year in Review

Enos Nyamor looks back at a year in the arts marked by collective mourning as a cosmic bond between Africa and the diaspora.

Thread for a Web Begun at MoAD

Billie Zangewa: The Domestic Is Political

The Malawi-born, Johannesburg-based artist creates scenes of the domestic to celebrate the feminine and the unseen.

The Eye Is Not Satisfied With Seeing

Jennifer Packer: Confronting the Complex, the Ugly, and the Forbidden

The US painter uses the symbolism of flowers to remember violent losses within the Black community and create tender moments that embody the senses.

Make Techno Black Again

L’exposition « TECHNO » révélatrice de carences institutionnelles

L’historienne de l’art Jamila Moroder signale qu’une exposition à Bolzano, en Italie, déconnecte…

Black Archives Sweden

Ina Nian Investigates The Weight of Silence

The artist explores Sweden’s iron production and its connection with the transatlantic slave…

Chinua Achebe Exhibition

Cinquante ans après Things Fall Apart, tout s’emboîte

Obidike Okafor fait la critique pour C& d’une exposition célébrant une adaptation filmique…