Jerry Buhari, 408 Journals of NEPA, 2022. Mixed media on paper
30 × 22 in | 76.2 × 55.9 cm. Courtesy the artist.

Nigerian Modernism

Jerry Buhari’s Discovery of Landscapes of the Soul

In his three-decade-long practice and through the use of varied media, Buhari has intimately reflected on himself and his sociopolitical environment.

Untitled photograph-Old Benoni Location (circa 1950), Torrance Ngilima as part of Eja radini (2019), Madeyoulook.

documenta fifteen

Serine Ahefa Mekoun plonge dans les sagesses et le bien-fondé des œuvres d’art

Notre autrice met le focus sur des perspectives artistiques inspirantes de la documenta qui s’est déroulée du 8 juin au 25 septembre 2022 à Kassel.

Performance by Sarah Ndele

7e Biennale de Lubumbashi

ToxiCité : une Biennale horizontale collective

Costa Tshinzam a visité la Biennale qui se tient "indéniablement horizontale et collective" jusqu'au 6 novembre sous la direction artistique de Picha.

Art and the City

Exploring the Complexities of Urban Spaces

Different experiences and identities form a city. Joseph Omoh Ndukwu writes about how art examines the interior spaces of urban belonging.

Hady Barry, Azi and Adjéla, from the series Wearing the Inside Out, 2022. Courtesy the artist.


Hady Barry porte un regard intime sur l’amitié et la maternité

La série de photographies Wearing the Inside Out saisit l’intimité des proches de l’artiste guinéenne Hady Barry.

'Fallen Crucifix' (Detail), Variable Dimension _Paul Wade ©Nyadzombe Nyampenza

Reintroducing Paul Wade

At National Gallery of Zimbabwe, the Retrospective of Paul Wade Marks Another Milestone

Nyadzombe Nyampenza looks at the exhibition that reflects his unstoppable interest in making art and his ongoing influence on the country’s art scene.

Installation view of

Erotic Empiricism

Ranti Bam Is Searching for Common Ground

In her first solo show the artist displays her delicate and tender clay hearths, and here she offers her insights on the commons and spirituality.

Gerard Sekoto, Song of the Pick, 1947, huile sur carton, Courtesy South 32 Collection, dépôt à Javett Arts Centre, Pretoria © ADAGP, Paris 2022

Globalisto: A Philosophy in Flux

La vision panafricaine de Mo Laudi

L’exposition « Globalisto. Une philosophie en mouvement » au MAMC+ partage ses réflexions sur la translocalité et l’hybridité culturelle.

Performance by Azazou Show. Photo: Costa Tshinzam

2ème Yango Biennale de Kinshasa

Toko zela lobi te : une biennale qui en a marre d’attendre demain

Costa Tshinzam a visité la deuxième édition d'une biennale très attendue qui a réussi à se replacer sur la carte mondiale des événements artistiques.

Setting Up The Scott House for the event, Credit : Daakpe Studios


Challenging the Perception of Preservation in Accra’s Architecture

A event night in Ghana’s capital addressed issues of public spaces and architectural history from unconventional perspectives.

Gideon Appah’s Forgotten, Nudes, Landscapes: Remembering and Remaking

Institute for Contemporary Art at VCU

Gideon Appah’s Forgotten, Nudes, Landscapes: Remembering and Remaking

Gideon Appah paints between memory and fantasy, referencing a Ghana of the 1950s to 1980s, helping us – perhaps – to imagine a new vision.

DOXANTU. Performing arts Precy Numbi, Mucyo, Peintre Obu, Laura Nsengiyumva. Production : Isabelle N’diaye.

Dak’art, la Biennale de Dakar 2022

Forger : la postcolonie se lèvera

Isabelle N’diaye à propos de la biennale qui entend mettre en place les conditions pour forger des royaumes par le feu et l’action.