Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam

Jane’a Johnson Named New Artistic Director at Foam

Her "fresh vision and approach" to photography brings US-American Jane’a Johnson in her…

In Conversation

Rashid Shabazz: Introducing Diversity into Art Criticism

As the executive director of the Critical Minded initiative, Rashid Shabazz hopes to…

The New Museum

Isolde Brielmaier Appointed Deputy Director at the New Museum in NYC

Brielmaier is currently serving as curator at large at the International Center of…

"Auf Deutsch"

A Bavarian Intergenerational Exchange

Malcom Ohanwe sat down with artist Ransome Stanley to discuss and compare Afro-German…

In Conversation

Untethered Magic Brings Art and Nature in Dialogue

The Nairobi art space Untethered Magic is about growth and independence – both…

Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona

Elvira Dyangani Ose Is New Director of MACBA

Curator and Art Historian Elvira Dyangani Ose will be the first women to…

In Conversation

Helina Metaferia: Weaving and Resisting in More Than A Few Ways

Weaving together archival and social knowledge, artist Helina Metaferia considers her community’s everyday…

In Conversation

Awuor Onyango and Everlyn Nicodemus on Women and Strength

In a conversation between artists, our author Awuor Onyango speaks with Everlyn Nicodemus…

Trafalgar Square Fourth Plinth

Samson Kambalu Wins Fourth Plinth Commission

Artist and writer Samson Kambalu will install his work "Antelope", a tribute to…

Installation View

sonsbeek20→24: force times distance ⏤ on labour and its sonic ecologies

With more than 250 contributions and artistic positions in 13 different locations, sonsbeek20→24…

Artist Portrait

Nakitende Sheila Is Giving Barkcloth New Meaning

Nakitende Sheila twists, stitches, and burns as she experiments with natural textures and…

C& Center of Unfinished Business

Decentering the I: How to Redefine the Human

Our Deputy Editor Will Furtado argues that indigenous knowledge has always held the…

Inventing Your Own Game

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