GeoVana Gonzalez 'when we open every window' at Gr_und, Berlin


GeoVanna Gonzalez: when we open every window

The mind is structured. There’s an analog geometry to how we think and remember, locate and socialize, ideat ...

Installation View

The body as a centerpiece  

The Exhibition Exploring Domestic Space as the Backstage of Life

In The Ritual, a film produced by artists Mahogany L. Browne and Cecil McDonald, Jr., Browne stares directly i ...

Inside Supplement Projects (Film

Supplement Projects

Supplement Projects is a communal home and a studio, alternative art space & community meeting point. The ...

Tabita Rezaire, PREMIUM CONNECT.


LUCKY- Group Show

Focusing on queer and feminist practices, LUCKY combines an international exhibition and an extensive program ...

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