Miami, Florida, United States

Supplement Projects

Inside Supplement Projects (Film

Inside Supplement Projects (Film "The Ritual" by Mahogany L. Browne and Cecil McDonald)

Supplement Projects is a communal home and a studio, alternative art space & community meeting point. The project explores ideas of domesticity with the urban landscape. As a place of comfort, communication, gathering and rest, it offers a provocative alternative to the often commercialized, hyperreal spaces of art galleries and institutions.

The space is run by Miami/Berlin based artist and arts organizer GeoVanna Gonzalez and represents artists Mahogany L. Browne (NYC), Lizania Cruz (NYC), Juan Pablo Garza (MIA), Nun (MIA), Natalia Lassalle-Morillo (LA), Cecil McDonald (IL), and Michelle Lisa Polissaint (MIA).


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