Africa2020 Season

Like many others, at C& we’ve taken on the challenge of making sense of a fast-changing world. Last year we started our partnership with the Africa2020 Season, a major event taking place in France entirely focused on African perspectives. This included a dedicated print issue to be distributed at Africa2020 venues across the country. Given the circumstances brought about by COVID-19, we’re adapting with an ever-shapeshifting event by inviting distinct voices featured in the program (online and offline) to share their projects and subjectivities with us. Throughout the Africa2020 Season, now stretched throughout 2021, we’ll be making our features available online to coincide with its various launches and openings. We’ll also publish extensive installation views and the full updated event program for Africa2020. Coming up you can expect a roundtable that C& founders Julia Grosse and Yvette Mutumba conducted with N’Goné Fall, the general commissioner of the Africa2020 Season; an interview with Abdelkader Damani, director of the FRAC Centre-Val de Loire in Orléans, about the center of his artistic exploration, Algiers; and an interview with Tunisian artist Najah Zarbout about her home archipelago of Kerkennah’s transformation from a migration point to a potential victim of ecology. The following features will be gradually announced via our website, Instagram, Facebook, and weekly newsletters. Stay connected!

Africa2020 Season: Installation view

El Anatsui: En quête de liberté

For Africa2020 Season, General Commissioner N’Goné Fall installed El Anatsui’s large cloths at…

Africa2020 Season

Fatimah Tuggar: Not Reactive, but Curious

Fatimah Tuggar’s work is included in the exhibition Beyond what we see at…

Africa2020 Season

Can Africa2020 Bring French Discourse into the Twenty-First Century?

A group exhibition curated by Meriem Berrada at Palais de la Porte Dorée…

Africa2020 Season

Najah Zarbout: Being at a Crossroads

For her exhibition “Thanaya: entre plis et chemins” at Africa2020 Season Tunisian artist…

Africa2020 Season

Abdelkader Damani: Seeking Forms of Freedom

As the subject of Abdelkader Damani’s Africa 2020 exhibition, Algiers is the city…

Africa2020 Season

N’Goné Fall: More than a Season

The large-scale French event Africa2020 hasn’t had an easy start. Curator N'Goné Fall…

Africa2020 Season: Installation View

The Power of My Hands

The exhibition at Musée d'Art Moderne de Paris tells us how artists can…

Africa2020 Season: Installation View

Beyond What We See. Once Upon a Time, Once Upon a Future

This exhibition at Les Abattoirs in Toulouse brings together African artists who all…

Africa2020 Season: Installation View

Sensitive Materials

Curated by the artist collective EXIT FRAME this exhibition at La Condition Publique…

Africa2020 Season: Installation View

Mário Macilau: Circle of Memories

Mário Macilau's exhibition at La Terrasse espace d'art de Nanterre curated by Elvira…

Africa2020 Season: Installation View

What is forgotten and what remains

Through the works of seventeen artists from Africa and its diasporas, the exhibition…

Africa2020 Season: Installation View

UFA – University of African Futures

The exhibition at le lieu unique in Nantes invites artists who, from a…

Africa2020 Season: Installation View

Memoria: Account of another history

The exhibition at Frac Nouvelle-Aquitaine MÉCA in Bordeaux addresses the idea of a…

Africa2020 Season: Installation View

Distance ardente

The 11 artists in the exhibition installed at Musée régional d’art contemporain Occitanie…


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