Weaam El Masry Receives Public Vote Prize of the NSAAP 2024

El Masry's work “Fragments” convinced and touched the audience through the deep reflection of her own personal memories and inner world.

Weaam El Masry, Fragments – (b. 1976, Egypt). Drawing on toned paper

Weaam El Masry, Fragments – (b. 1976, Egypt). Drawing on toned paper

Norval Foundation and The Sovereign Art Foundation (SAF), announce Weaam El Masry (b. 1976, Egypt) as the winner of The Norval Sovereign African Art Prize (NSAAP) 2024 Public Vote and $2,000 for her work ‘Fragments’. The artwork, which received the largest proportion of votes received from the public, both online and inperson at the Norval Foundation, is centred around memories and fragments of her personal life; and the concealment of her inner femininity and vulnerable inner child persona – elements of her personality that have been constrained by social norms.

El Masry, was nominated for the third edition of this annual Prize by Moataz Nasreldin, who participated as a member of the board of independent nominators. On hearing of her win, El Masry said: “I am deeply grateful and honoured to be selected as the Public Vote Prize Winner for the Norval Sovereign African Art Prize 2024. This recognition is a testament to the power of art to transcend boundaries and touch the hearts of people from diverse backgrounds. I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to everyone who voted for me and supported my artistic endeavours ”

The Public Vote Winner announcement marks the conclusion of The NSAAP 2024; an annual award that celebrates the practises of leading contemporary artists from Africa and its diaspora. The 2024 edition saw 375 entries; from which 27 finalists, shortlisted by a judging panel of 5 global art specialists, were presented at an exhibition at Norval Foundation (14 February-12 May).

On 14 February 2024, Amnina Agueznay (b. 1963, Morocco) was announced the Grand Prize Winner, taking home $35,000 and a future solo exhibition at the Norval Foundation. The remaining works were entered into an online charity auction, hosted by Sotheby’s, and raised $137,200. These proceeds have been split equally between the artists and The Norval Foundation Learning Centre where learners are educated, through art, to stimulate the development of the critical thinking and interpretation skills which empower them to problem solve and navigate through life.




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