Tracing the quiet and dramatic moments of the refugees' daily lives

The Constant Observer III

The work of photographer and activist Muhammed Lamin

The Constant Observer III

Huas der 28 Türen, Oranienplatz, Berlin, 17 December 2014 © Muhammed Lamin Jadama. This 28-door circus tent, which represents the 28 member states of Europe, was donated to the refugees by the artist collective Bewegung Nurr after their exhibition in Tempelhof, Berlin. It was burnt down in March 2015.

By Muhammed Lamin Jadama

Muhammed Lamin Jadama has been following and documenting the refugees in Europe and especially in Berlin and their circumstances since Berlin’s Oranienplatz was first occupied in the fall of 2012. The documentary photographer and activist. has been everywhere, at the political rallies, the announcement, the occupations, and the refugees’ tiny private spaces. As a steady observer, Jadama has always been close to the ground tracing the quiet and dramatic moments of the refugees’ daily lives.

Monumentalkunstkollectiv, Berlin, 2 November 2014

Monumentalkunstkollectiv, Berlin, 2 November 2014 © Muhammed Lamin Jadama

It is part of the Monumentalkunstkollektiv (MKK) manifesto to give encouragement to the people that society discriminates against, like the refugees who the law does not allow to work or to contribute to society.



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