C& Launches Patreon Membership

An invitation to our extended community to join and support us!

C& Launches Patreon Membership

For 10 years, C& has been co-creating a bright cosmos of brilliant stars: artists, publishers, writers, producers, historians, researchers and more from across Africa and its global Diaspora.

Remember how epic it felt in 2014 to be the only ones with an interview with Edson Chagas as he won the Golden Lion in Venice, and remember holding the very first C& print issue in our hands, how good that newspaper print felt, how we carry it around like a companion. Will we ever stop reliving the parties at night by the beach during Dak’Art Biennale? How eternal and expansive it felt? For all of us to be there together in that moment, creating a joint space. Reflecting each other into existence.

And you were there too.

And like this we became the C& Cosmos.

C& Party at Dak’art Biennale 2014. Photo: C&.

The word cosmos is defined as the universe seen as a well ordered whole; a complex and orderly entity. You are a part of the Cosmos as a wave to the ocean, or a grain of sand to the desert. We’ve built this together.

And together, we are navigating the realities of the moment. Through it all we manage to find each other. To hold on. To stabilize.

As the arts continue to face difficult economic conditions, an increasing number of organizations have to put up paywalls between themselves and their communities.

We won’t do that. Not now, not ever.

C& has always been and will always be committed to the accessibility of the exceptional content on and To be able to maintain a free resource of compelling, deep knowledge and essential ideas on contemporary art from Africa and the global Diaspora and, to hold together a constantly growing global network of contributors and team members, we need the support from the C& community.

We need your help ensuring we exist in the future. We have so much more to bring to the world. So many hungry ideas, lucid dreams and visions to chase. And that’s why we need you!


We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the C& Membership on Patreon. Patreon is a platform that allows us to receive financial support directly from the community. It gives us a way to build a new income stream by generating members only content, rewards and perks. This will allow us to deepen our relationship and exchange with YOU while also enabling C& to continue growing.

All that it holds. Tout ce qu’elle renferme. Tudo o que ela abarca. Todo lo que ella alberga, 2023. Published by C& and Kerber Verlag.

All that it holds. Tout ce qu’elle renferme. Tudo o que ela abarca. Todo lo que ella alberga, 2023. Published by C& and Kerber Verlag.


To honor this exciting moment in C&’s story, we are releasing a commemorative book entitled, All that it holds. Tout ce qu’elle renferme. Tudo o que ela abarca. Todo lo que ella alberga. This book is a curated selection of seminal texts from the last decade charting our journey across the galaxies. Patreon members get exclusive, early access to the book before the official launch in January 2024. To get yours, head to our newly minted Patreon page and join at the €15/mo level. Over the next few weeks we’ll continue to be in dialogue, sharing stories about this book, and the future of C&.

C& has always thrived through the exuberant interdependency of our community and we are eternally grateful.

Support us at €15/mo and receive this special book to secure your place in the Cosmos!

As we look out onto the dazzling horizon of another decade, we are energised for the future, knowing we’ll get there together.


And beyond,

C& Team


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