Iwalewa – Quatre vues de l’Afrique contemporaine

Bordeaux, France
09 Sep 2013 - 10 Oct 2013

Iwalewa-Haus Bayreuth is featuring Iwalewa – Quatre vues de l’Afrique contemporaine, an exhibiton project in collaboration with the art space MC2a Migrations Culturelles (Bordeaux) and the University of Bordeaux. This exhibition includes four parts being shown in four different spaces located in Bordeaux.

The Iwalewa-Haus unravels some parts of its own collections spanning from the 1930s until today.  Aspects of Nigerian modernism related to the Oshogbo workshops und the School of Nsukka takes center stage. Building from this archive, the exhibition travels to the region of East Africa by taking a closer look at studio photography, contemporary art, popular music, video as well as fashion.

Virtual/Material: Fashion as Logbook 
With both artists Zohra Opoku and Emeka Alams.
Venue: Musée d’Ethnographie, 3 Place de la Victoire.

Piga Picha!
On 100 years studio photography in Nairobi.
Venue: Forum des Arts et de la Culture, Place Alcalá de Henares.

This part of the exhibition is concerned with the Iwalewa Haus’ archive showcasing mainly works from Nigeria, primarily by Oshogbo artists.
Venue: MC2a, 44 Rue du Faubourg des Arts.

Just a Band: Sound & vision & Sam Hopkins: Not in The Title too
The other part of the show focuses on Just a Band, a Kenyan House/Funk/Disco-band and on Not in the Title II featuring works from the British-Kenyan artist Sam Hopkins.
Venue:  Maison des Arts, Université Michel de Montaigne Bordeaux III, Esplanade des Antilles Pessac.

Artistic directors: Ulf Vierke & Nadine Siegert
Curator: Pierre-Nicolas Bounakoff
Co-curators: Sarah Böllinger, Katharina Greven, Katharina Fink, Lena Naumann :
Curatorial assistant: Siegrun Salmanian
Technical manager: Florian Böhner