Bayreuth, Germany

Iwalewa – Haus

©Iwalewa-Hause, University of Bayreuth

©Iwalewa-Hause, University of Bayreuth

Iwalewa-Haus is the Africa Centre of the University of Bayreuth a space for the production and presentation of discourse-oriented, contemporary art.

The mission of Iwalewa-Haus to research, document and teach contemporary African culture. Special emphasis is placed on the areas of contemporary art, popular culture and the media, and particularly on the photography and film of modern Africa.  Since its establishment in 1981 by Dr. Ulli Beier, Iwalewa-Haus has been a venue for a series of exhibitions of non-European art, and particularly the contemporary art of Africa and the African diaspora. Iwalewa-Haus has a collection of modern visual art, from Africa, Asia and the Pacific region. The focus of the collection is upon works from Nigeria. Through university research and instruction, through exhibitions, lectures, conferences, concerts, film screenings and readings, and through the opportunity for artists’ residences, Iwalewa-Haus is a living forum for cultural operators from all over the world, for scholars and students in African studies, and for interested members of the general public.


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