2023 marks a special year for Contemporary And (C&): the platform has turned TEN!

That’s one decade of publishing/ exchanging/ listening/ learning/ networking/ sharing/ meeting/ collaborating/ developing/dancing…and receiving local, national and international support, developing partnerships near and far.

That’s one decade of building educational formats, working with international critics, artists and curators around the discourses of contemporary Art from Africa and the global Diaspora.

That’s one decade of constantly growing the C& network thinking canons beyond a canon, writing art histories, creating new presents, producing futures in the now.

Here’s the thing: writing talent needs support and community. C& has shown uncommon commitment to nurturing new voices representative of a future already here. I salute you, dear team, for the generous gift of C&.Sean O'Toole


30 Nov 2023

C&10 Event in Santo Domingo

03 Nov 2023

C&10 Event in Nairobi

06 Sep 2023

C&10 Event at São Paulo Biennale

16 May 2023

C&10 Event at 1014, New York

16 May 2023

Launch of C& x C&AL Anniversary Print Issue “Ecologies”

18 Mar 2023

C&10 Event at ifa-Gallery and ACUD Club, Berlin


C& and C&AL invited organizations, artists, and activists from Black and Indigenous perspectives to discuss, contextualize, and reflect on the relationship between neocolonial structures and the climate crisis in their local contexts.

This & on C& opens up such a myriad of possibilities and care towards practices of black and people of colour in the art world...the &, always waiting to include, to nurture, to collaborate, to build,… this is the magic of C& for me!Immy Mali

Love Letters to C&

C&'s tenth anniversary is a very special moment for us. We have asked people from our network – those with us from the very beginning and some we have connected with more recently – to share their thoughts, memories, and wishes for C&.


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