C&10 Event Nairobi

C& Office @ The Mall, Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya
03 Nov 2023

(from left to right)  [Monrhea], Emmaus Kimani and Kadallah Burrowes. Courtesy of the artists.

(from left to right) [Monrhea], Emmaus Kimani and Kadallah Burrowes. Courtesy of the artists.

On the occasion of C&’s tenth anniversary we are celebrating at the C& office in Nairobi! Join us for an evening of artist presentations, listening and discussions by [Monrhea], Emmaus Kimani and Kadallah Burrowes.

[MONRHEA] emerges as an authentic voice from Nairobi, Kenya, embodying depth, darkness and the beauty of it, within it, experienced in her compositions and mixes. [M]’s sound becomes a tool to connect people deeply through music, reflecting her desire for profound human connection. True to herself, she has crafted a world of endless possibilities, appreciated by the scene for its boundless connectivity.

Emmaus Kimani is interested in documenting, archiving and publishing the evolution of contemporary culture through the eyes of artists, seeing them as not just the more accurate keepers of our histories but seers of the future. Kimani is the founder of Culture Contemporary which is the custodian of the eaContemporary archive and is also a part of the Brush Tu Artist Collective in Nairobi, Kenya.

Kadallah Burrowes is a trans-disciplinary artist and creative technologist using emerging technologies for social good. Right now, their research is in distributed artist and activist communities, while their art is currently focused on collaborative social art practice. They are a co-creator of the ANANSI Revolutionary Collective, and a member of The Guild of Future Architects and Open Collective. They previously helped catalyze as one of the original team members.

C& Office is on the 1st Floor at The Mall, Westlands.

Door open 4:30pm and the program starts at 5:00pm til 8:00pm.


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