Newsletter 11 December 2014

Nástio Mosquito (c) Margaux Kolly

C& Newsletter December 2014

We are happy to announce our media partnership with the leading Guardian Africa network. We are very excited to welcome the readers of The Guardian and are very much looking forward to broadening our conversation with new friends and followers on the continent and in the diasporas.

In our new column titled Tintin in Africa, our associate editor Sean O’Toole writes about often-overlooked visits to the African continent by a host of postwar artists and intellectuals. Think Werner Herzog in the Central African Republic, Marina Abramovi? and a drunken Clement Greenberg in Johannesburg, Irving Penn in Benin, Jacques Derrida and Susan Sontag in Cape Town, Jean-Luc Godard making TV in Maputo, and Alighiero Boetti contemplating a life without faith, morals or self-discipline in Addis Ababa. The column series begins with Andy Warhol‘s brief visit to Egypt in 1956.

Tamar Garb takes a closer look at In the Year of the Quiet Sun – The Otolith Group‘s film essay on the fragile dream of pan-Africanism.

How can art deal with the carving of a continent? On the occasion of the 130th anniversary of the Berlin Conference, Savvy Contemporary and curator Simon Njami invite us to reflect on that historical moment whose effects are still unfolding today.

“Inspiration is a bitchy muse,” finds Nástio Mosquito. C& talks to the Angolan multimedia artist about his performative practice, his love for music, and his upcoming collaborations. Nástio Mosquito won the Future Generation Art Prize 2014 and has been shortlisted for the Absolut Art Award 2015.




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