Tracing the quiet and dramatic moments of the refugees' daily lives

The Constant Observer IV

The work of photographer and activist Muhammed Lamin

The Constant Observer IV

Refugee in Rosarno, Italy, 6 March 2010 © Muhammed Lamin Jadama

By Muhammed Lamin Jadama

Muhammed Lamin Jadama has been following and documenting the refugees in Europe and especially in Berlin and their circumstances since Berlin’s Oranienplatz was first occupied in the fall of 2012. The documentary photographer and activist. has been everywhere, at the political rallies, the announcement, the occupations, and the refugees’ tiny private spaces. As a steady observer, Jadama has always been close to the ground tracing the quiet and dramatic moments of the refugees’ daily lives.


The asylum laws in Europe keep refugee camps away from everything, so that refugees cannot have any contact with society. Refugees have to stay inside the camps, like civilized prisons, because the distance you have to walk to get connected to the big cities is very far.



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