Tabita Rezaire Opens AMAKABA – A Space for Collective Healing

In the Amazonian forest of French Guiana, artist Tabita Rezaire has founded a new center for the "wisdom of the earth, the body and the sky", a space of healing through Art, Science and Spirituality, currently running a crowdfunding campaign.

Tabita Rezaire Opens AMAKABA – A Space for Collective Healing

Artist, doula, yoga teacher, farmer and spiritual seeker searching for the depth of existence, Tabita Rezaire founded AMAKABA – a centre for the arts and science of the earth, the body and sky, combining spiritual and ancestral philosophy with an agroecological cacao farm and yoga space in the Amazonian forest of French Guiana.

AMAKABA is a healing centre – a space for the transmission of the wisdom of the earth, body and sky, in the Amazonian forest. It’s a place of gathering, celebration, experimentation, collaboration for art, science and spirituality.

The intention is to contribute to the growth of more conscious and responsible way of living and being. To creatively respond to the many challenges of our times: in terms of ecology, energy, the trauma of the land of, our beings, communities, that keep us paralysed.

Above all is about offering a spiritual anchor to nourish our connection and intimacy with ourself, each other, our ancestors, the forest, the rivers, their spirits, with the whole of creation and its source.


Earth: agro-ecological system

AMAKABA is building an agro-ecological farm. Im studying agriculture at the moment and plan to cultivate cacao, I’ve been called by this plant so allowing its wisdom to initiate me. We’re setting up an agroforestry system, as agriculture should not be synonym of deforestation especially here, in an Amazonian context. Also planning to design an autonomous system in terms of energy and waste management, considering the infrastructure as an organism, and architecture as medecine, seeking to weave current technologies with traditional knowledge.


Body: healing system

AMAKABA is also home to a yoga center– I’ve been teaching kundalini yoga for 6 years, ( and for the last 2 years here in French Guiana.) The science of yoga has been transformational in my healing journey.  To understand the power, memory and wisdom of the body, and the need to align to body-mind-heart and spirit. Always guided by the wisdom of the womb. We need to heal our wombs, AMAKABA’s vision through doula work and advocacy is also here to support mothers and the next generation in their coming into earth.

AMAKABA is about birth on so many levels, from the birth of a tree, of a child, of another dimension of existence.


Sky : spiritual system

From seed to planet, the exploration of the celestial realms is also part of the vision. We will build an observatory above the canopies, for astronomical observation, stargazing, full moon meditation, a place to experience the infinity of the sky.

I love cosmological stories and believe in their power, we seek to bring awareness to the diverse understandings and experience of the universe, from the latest theories of quantum physics to primordial myths.

AMAKABA is also holding ceremonies and celebrations for the ancestors, the land, the spirit of the forest, water spirits, the harvest, births and death, all great transitions of existence…

In aligment with the rhythm of the sky: the equinox, the solstice, the lunar cycle….

AMAKABA is an offering in gratitude of the ancestors, like a space of initiation, to dive inward, to transform and bloom, like a womb to be held into and rebirth – guided by the Amazonian forest.


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How to support AMAKABA? 

AMAKABA is running a crowdfunding campaign right now. Within their Back to Earth Project, Serpentine Gallery in cooperation with Wetransfer are doubling all donations until the 1st of July. So please make dour donation to Amakaba here!

Wetransfer donation page:
Back to earth :



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