Venice Biennale 2017

Installation View: Pavilions of Zimbabwe, Nigeria & Côte d’Ivoire

Get a first impressions of the Venice Biennale 2017

Kagnedjatou Joachim Silué 'ALT!! Same Causes, Same Effets' 2017, image: © Contemporary And

Here are some installation views of the art work we spotted during the opening week at 57th Venice Biennae.




Dana Whabira, ‘Black Sunlight’ 2017, neon video with sound, image © Contemporary And

Admire Kumudzengerere, ‘Being Here’ (2016/2017), Monotype on sticky notes, image © Contemporary And

Admire Kamudzengerere, Registrar, 2017, Image  © Contemporary And

Admire Kumuzengerere, ‘Kushaya Pekutarisa’, ‘Dova Kumesu Kwangu’, ‘Guruva Kumesu’ 2017, monotype and silkscreen on paper, image © Contemporary And

Performance by Admire Kamudzengerere and Rachel Monosov. Image © Contemporary And

Sylvester Mubayi ‘Snails Crossing River (2017), Installation, Spring Stone, image © Contemporary And





Victor Ehikhamenor, A Biography of the Forgotten, image © Contemporary And

Qudus Onikeku, Right Here, Right Now, image © Contemporary And

Peju Alatise ‘Flying Girls’, image: @ Contemporary And



Ivory Coast


Jems Robert Koko Bi ‘Racine’ 2016, image: © Contemporary And

Ouattara Watts , image: © Contemporary And

Kagnedjatou Joachim Silué ‘challange’ 2017, image: © Contemporary And



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