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Take a look into libraries and book collections holding some of the rarer and often forgotten publications, which are nonetheless essential to the discourse on both sides of the spectrum. Featured this time: the library of CCA Lagos.

New Culture magazines (Courtesy of CCA, Lagos)

New Culture magazines (Courtesy of CCA, Lagos)

By Bisi Silva

About CCA, Lagos Library:

The Centre for Contemporary Art Library is one of the fastest growing independent libraries in Africa, specializing in the visual arts and the creative sector in general. Since opening, the library has amassed a significant collection of materials on contemporary art, critical theory and curatorial practice with more than 7.000 books, magazines, journals, videos, and other ephemera.

Nigeria magazine (Courtesy of CCA, Lagos)

Nigeria magazine (Courtesy of CCA, Lagos)















Nigeria Magazine

At CCA, Lagos our primary emphasis is on materials published in Nigeria and Africa, so we are really privileged to have this rich collection of Nigeria Magazines that are no longer in circulation. It is a quarterly publication, particularly important because it was written and published just after the Nigerian independence when the country was learning to take hold of its own reins, and, as stated by the magazine, it was published “for everyone interested in the country and its people”. The Nigeria Magazine focused on Nigeria’s rich culture – from festivals, art, people and their languages, dance, hairstyles, fashion, religions, architecture, agriculture to the railway system – you name it, it was all featured, representing all parts of the country. The magazine reflects the true Nigerian culture and how it was embraced by the people. The issues available at the CCA, Lagos library span the years between 1964 and 1989. Nigeria Magazine was published by the Cultural Division of the Federal Government of Nigeria and had various editors at different times.

New Culture Like the title implies, this series of magazines also no longer in print was a monthly review of contemporary African arts in Nigeria, bringing into focus the changes that had begun to take place in the art world and with a focus on Nigerian visual arts, architecture and performance art. With the new reforms taking place in the art scenes in other parts of the world, New Culture sought to involve and introduce local artists to join in the crusade for a New African Culture. New Culture was published by the New Culture Studios and edited by Demas Nwoko, Uche Okeke, Gbenga Sonuga, and Nwamaka Eguna. The issues available at the CCA, Lagos library are from the years 1978 and 1979.


The Nigerian Film Industry and National Cultural Identity (Courtesy of CCA, Lagos)

Workshop/ seminar documentation: The Nigerian Film Industry and National Cultural Identity 

This is a publication issued by the National Council for Arts and Culture in collaboration with the Department of Mass Communication at the University of Lagos. It is a documentation of papers presented by Prof. Alfred E. Opubor, Dr. Onuora E. Nweneli, and Dr. Onuma O. Oreh on the theme “The Status, Role and Future of the Film Industry in Nigeria”. The seminar was held at the University of Lagos from the 26th to 27th of July, 1977.





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