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Emeka Ogboh: The Way Earthly Things Are Going

Hundreds of independent art and museums spaces are closes due to the Corona-Crisis. In this series we are celebrating the fantastic artistic events that are right now sitting behind closed doors. This time: the haunting sound and light installation THE WAY EARTHLY THINGS ARE GOING by Emeka Ogboh at Kunstmuseum Ravensburg.

Emeka Ogboh, The Way Earthly Things Are Going, Installation view at Kunstmuseum Ravensburg. Foto: Kunstmuseum Ravensburg/Wynrich Zlomke

For the first time in Germany, the Kunstmuseum Ravensburg shows Emeka Ogboh’s installation created for documenta 14 in Athens THE WAY EARTHLY THINGS ARE GOING.

It arose in the course of his examination of the effects of the international financial crisis, especially the Greek economic crisis. The title of the work comes from the lyrics “So Much Trouble in the World” by Bob Marley. The multi-channel installation combines a polyphonic ancient Greek lament with stock market data from world stock indices, which are transmitted in real time on an LED strip. Ogboh puts the ongoing reports from the capital markets – such as the reaction of stock exchange prices to the corona crisis – in dialogue with the poignant chant about forced migration and the search for a better life.


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