In Memoriam

Bisi Silva has passed away

Bisi Silva, artistic director of the Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA) in Lagos passed away on Tuesday, 12 February 2019, in Lagos.

After the C& conversation with Bisi Silva and El Anatsui at Art Basel June 2014.

Once you met her, you knew something in your life had changed.

Bisi Silva, visionary, leader, enthusiast, teacher, role model, intellectual, activist – a force – has left us. It leaves us stunned, but also grateful to have ever had her in our lives. She has touched many, from any generation, from any place. She continues to live in the work, in the commitment and in the dreams she inspired.
Like many of you out there we are also sharing our story of that special encounter with an exceptional spirit: When the first idea of what is today C& had manifested we told Bisi about it. She listened, she commented, she trusted our ideas and believed in our vision. It is a gift to continuously encourage and empower instead of being skeptical and reserved.
Sealed with a handshake at Frieze Art Fair in October 2012, Bisi became our very first C& Boardmember months before the magazine had even launched. Ever since she has been one of our most appreciated and trusted advisors.

Thank you Bisi! You will be strongly missed, but we will continue to work in your spirit.



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