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Art Dubai Announced New Digital Programme

Given the evolving global situation and updated official guidelines around public gatherings, the Art Dubai reconfigured programme will no longer incorporate events, focusing instead on digital content launched on the week of March 23, 2020 and developing over time.

Tiago Sant’Ana, Passar em Branco, 2016. Courtesy of Artist

Tiago Sant’Ana, Passar em Branco, 2016. Courtesy of Artist


Digital components to be launched next week include the 2020 Online Catalogue, a Global Art Forum live-broadcast and an Online Performance Programme curated by Marina Fokidis.

In the coming weeks, a new series of “Planetary Feeds” will gather interviews, insights, personal impressions and other content by contributors from around the world.


Online Catalogue

Through Art Dubai’s 2020 Online Catalogue you will be able to view more than 500 artworks by represented artists of Art Dubai participating galleries, allowing you to browse works, filter selections through a range of criteria, as well as place purchase inquiries directly with the galleries. On view will be works by Art Dubai’s participants of gallery sections Contemporary, Modern, Bawwaba and Residents.
The online catalogue will be launched on the 24th of March.


Global Art Forum 14: “Do you story?” Newshour Special.
AT 18:00 UAE TIME (14:00GMT) 25 MARCH 2020, Global Art Forum will live-broadcast a “Newshour Special” dedicated to the stories and narratives shaping the current coronavirus fallout. As normal life is paused in much of the world and the immediate future is cancelled, our shared present feels strange and precarious. Right now, we live in order to tell each other stories. Hosted by Global Art Forum’s Commissioner, Shumon Basar, this Newshour Special will include appearances from Dubai based guests including Turner Prize co-winner Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Creative Director of the Museum of the Future Brendan McGetrick, Exhibitions Curator at Art Jameel Rahul Gudipudi; tele-conversations with artists Simon Denny and Jenna Sutela, curator Marina Fokidis, Futurist in Chief and Chief of Global Affairs of the Dubai Future Foundation Dr. Noah Raford; and new video content from artists Ana Maria Nicolaescu and Nabla Yahya.

Also, over the next few weeks, interviews, insights and personal impressions will be collected from the Global Art Forum’s alumni of novelists, filmmakers, philosophers, technologists, musicians, historians, artists and curators into a “Planetary Feed.” Because the current crisis is occurring at a speed and scale that stretches across the entire world, every individual voice is also part of this unpredictable, universal story.


Online healing, curated by Marina Fokidis
Art Dubai’s 2020 Performance Programme, curated by Marina Fokidis, looks at healing, and has been re-configured from its original expanded scope to an online restorative space of performative artist contributions. At these extraordinary times, with online being humanity’s window to the world, the importance of Healing is addressed as an art form – an act of togetherness, of thinking, sensing and poetically restoring experiences, processes and memories, besides borders, nations, power asymmetries and any other “temporal” conventions.

Selected artists Bahar Noorizadeh (Iran), Angelo Plessas (Greece), Tabita Rezaire (French Guyana), Tiago Sant’Ana (Brazil) and Imaad Majeed (Sri Lanka) have been invited to engage their bodies and minds, as well as diverse communities and viewers in rethinking society. With current, constantly evolving readings of what healing means all the more relevant, the programme aims to give rise to unexpected relationships among diverse and heterogeneous knowledges and to establish a medicinal space for our collective therapy to exist.



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