Point Sud – Centre for Research on Local Knowledge

Bamako, Mali

The Point Sud Centre for Research is an international, autonomous research institution established with the mission of creating a centre for interdisciplinary research, to permit exchange and networking among researchers and institutions in Germany, Europe, Africa, Asia and South America, to promote the training of future generations of scholars, and to overcome not only language barriers but also academic traditions in the process.

Point Sud was established at the initiative of native-born Malians living abroad, in collaboration with the University of Bayreuth, the Institute for Advanced Study Berlin (Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin) and other international scholarly institutions in France and the US. The centre promotes individual research projects, organises international colloquia and courses and approves study and research grants for young international and African researchers. Point Sud provides students with instruction in social anthropology, horticulture, medicine and economics and provides support particularly to research into the cultural roots of local knowledge and its response to local, national and global dynamics.



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