Kër Thiossane

Dakar, Senegal

Marion Louisgrand Sylla and Momar François Sylla established the independent art and multimedia center Kër Thiossane in Dakar in 2002.

A year later and with the support of the Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art, Science, and Technology (Canada), Kër Thiossane opened a digital public space with the aim of combining multimedia technology with traditional artistic and creative practices, encouraging interdisciplinary approaches in art, and creating a place where artists could learn to use multimedia tools. The organization provides residency grants in Dakar to local and international artists and hosts training courses, conferences, and workshops with a focus on art and new technologies and their effects on society. Kër Thiossane maintains a strong network of international contacts and, with projects such as “Rose des vents numériques,” cooperates with international institutions and cultural producers in countries and regions of the South, including Mali and the island of Martinique. Kër Thiossane also initiated the multimedia festival Afropixel, which took place for the third time as part of the Dakar Biennale Dak’Art 2012.



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