First Floor Gallery

Harare, Zimbabwe

The artist-run First Floor Gallery was founded in December 2009 in Harare.

The two initiators, music manager Marcus Gora and Valerie Kabov, art educator and post-graduate in art history, had the aim of creating a space for young artists from Zimbabwe to practice and exhibit their work, to evolve and experiment freely and to receive the support needed to establish themselves on the international art market.

At an early stage the gallery’s founders recognised the young artists‘ profound need for a well-founded artistic education and ongoing mentorship. Therefore, First Floor Gallery offers an entire programme comprised of exhibitions, an artist in residence scheme and a variety of educational events for which it can draw upon the support of a broad network of local and international artists and experts. In September 2012 the gallery was able to move to a new, more spacious location in Harare’s busy inner city.

What began as a small artists’ project has in the past few years become one of the most important venues for exhibitions and events for fine arts, film, poetry and music in Zimbabwe, and owing to exhibitions abroad it has also gained international recognition and relevance.


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