Dakar, Senegal



Photo: Richie Shryrock

Situated in “<i>Boite à idée”</i>, a house in the heart of <i>Gueule Tapée,</i> the popular district of Dakar, Wakh Art is a project for the promotion of culture, established in late February, 2011, by <b>Ken Aicha SY</b>.

It is a cultural blog aimed at serving the country of Senegal and providing the people with information about their culture. Furthermore, Wakh  Art organises cultural events such as concerts and exhibitions, always with the objective of promoting artists and raising awareness among the population. Additionally, Wakh  Art is an artists‘ directory classified by genres and domains. The online directory can be accessed by individuals and companies looking for artists for events.

The Wakh Art blog, which by now has become the most popular cultural platform in Senegal, features articles about Senegalese artists as well as international artists visiting Dakar. Currently the platform comprises more than 450 articles being read all over the world.

In the future, Wakh Art also intends to offer the works of featured artists for sale. Furthermore, there are plans for partnerships with schools in the form of workshops to create a greater awareness for culture among the young.


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