Lagos, Nigeria


Workshop participants with founding members Eva Maria Ocherbauer and Sylvester Okwunodo Ogbechie in July 2019

FotoFactory.Lagos, founded and developed by Eva Maria Ocherbauer and Sylvester Okwunodu Ogbechie in 2016 offers a platform for young Nigerian photographers who are interested in developing their skills and careers.

The program covers photography workshops introducing conceptual project-based thinking with major focus on developing ideas applying contemporary visual practices and the process of editing towards a consistent and compelling narrative. Participants get trained how to gain a conscious and intuitive understanding of the visual language of photography. They learn how to overcome visual and psychological preconceptions and conditioning in order to find their particular photographic signature. The production of larger bodies of work over a sustained period of time enables the emerging photographers to move into professional discourses.

In addition to the workshops FotoFactory.Lagos releases publications and organises exhibitions to promote African photography internationally. Initiating and conducting intermedia projects in a cross-cultural context is also part of the program.

FotoFactory.Lagos succeeds LagosPhoto Summer School, a teaching programme for young Nigerian photographers established in collaboration with the African Artists’ Foundation, beginning in 2013 as part of LagosPhoto Festival and is mainly sponsored by Aachron Incorporated and Union Bank.