Afriart Gallery, Kampala, Uganda
01 Sep 2017 - 30 Nov 2017


XENSON continues to engage, challenge and startle us with his perceptive fearless representations of discourse that ignite his mind and question his role in the discourse as an artist.

His repertoire of tools, alternative materials, and unmasked simplicity address the everyday situations for some. Xenson interrupts our everyday to show “the others” every day. He highlights issues of migration, immigration, brutality, suffering, and conversely kindness in the midst of war.

The Status Quo is interrupted disrupted and arrests our attention in this series of work.

The work does not judge but presents the complexity of this global issue with deep local roots. Call it what you want, it affects all of us.

Conviction finds expression in this exhibition through subtle photographic images and paintings where Love exists in the struggle; it exists in the refugee camps, in transition and in the fields of flowers. In this series where Power takes centre stage, children playing, Sexual identity and Food security are a constant while the search for shelter, Victory and Smoking flowers continues.

The subjects in the works are persuasive, current, and relevant, cross cultural and intercultural forces. The human spirit has the ability to disengage and reengage with the mask.

This body of work signifies a determined authentic engagement with the topic. It resonates with our times and it is significant and powerful. Memories are made instantly in a single moment of connection.

This collector series invite the viewer to engage, unmask and decide.