Appel d'offres

Tuning-In: Other Ways of Seeing

Livingstone Office for Contemporary Arts, Livingstone, Zambia
Deadline: 08 January 2020

Tuning-In: Other Ways of Seeing

The Livingstone office for Contemporary Arts is building up an alternative informal school of thought centred upon participatory and exchange modes of (collective) learning/teaching through intensive laboratories, in form workshops, reading/research groups, talks, discursive sessions and screenings.

The first episode was a 2.5 week intensive workshop entitled Tuning In: Other Ways of Seeing held in August 2019. It emphasised critical articulation and research, that led to participants creating podcasts for the first time. Tuning-In: Other Ways of Seeing is part of a series entitled the Alternative Knowledge, consisting of experimental workshops, discursive platforms, lectures, screening and pop-up shows with international guest artists. This project stems out of the need to fill in the gap within art educational systems that suffer from an enormous intellectual and infrastructural deficit. We see the need to develop local ecologies that will employ a process of unlearning- relearning in and for our society, the knowledge and methods that exist now while harnessing the criticality within the art scene.

Tuning-In: Other Ways of Seeing, seeks to deconstruct the paradigms that drive reading/seeing/presentation/representation of the arts in our local art scene. The project explores and employs critical thinking in art production, theme, material and exhibition-making of the finished product.


Who Can Apply

The program is mainly targeted for African artist living on the continent but are open to applications from all over the world. The platform wants to open dialogues on what Livingstone means to Johannesburg or Dar es Salaam, or Harare, Maputo, Malindi or Luanda etc. and what kind contemporary thought and creation such meeting-points can foster.

All Participants must be available for the full 21 days. Please do not apply if you cannot attend the entire programme

  • Visual Artists can be working in any media – painting, sculpture, textile, ceramics, photography, Sound, video, film and performance art
  • Emerging writers and curators at least 1years + working experience and are curious to work with artist
  • Applications are open to all artists (including self-taught) who have been professionally active for at least 3 years.


Conditions of Acceptance:

All Participants must be available for the full 21 days. Please do not apply if you cannot attend the entire programme.

Tuning In: Minilab will be conducted principally in English. All Participants must have at least a conversational level of English. A Skype interview will be held.

For additional information, please contact

Workshop Timeline: March 9 – March 29, 2020

  • The workshop will be an intensive 21-days programme facilitated by experienced local and international artists, critics, and curators.
  • Workshop sessions will commence daily at 9.00 am and end at 6.00 pm, Monday to Saturday.
  • The group (artists+curators) will work towards the production and presentation of a collaborative art project to be shown publicly in the final week of the programme.


Programme Costs

Participates must be able to raise ca. $750 USD that would cover their leaving expenses, food and local transportation.

Non-resident participants are expected to bear their travel costs to and from Livingstone as well as their living cost for the duration of the programme.

Where possible, LoCA will endeavour to subsidise all of the double-occupancy accommodation costs. A single room can be requested but comes at an additional cost to the participant. Participants are encouraged to apply for funding from their home countries or other sources to support their fees, travel and living expenses.

For further possible resources for funding for African applicants please visit