Tune – Group Show

Haus der Kunst, München, Germany
07 Jul 2021 - 10 Mar 2022

Nkisi © Clara Janisch

Nkisi © Clara Janisch

Tune at Haus der Kunst is part of a series of performances and a new commissioned acoustic work that will permeate the institutions Terrace Hall for a year is located between the realms of sound, music, and visual art. This offering of a collective experience and unique listening experiences will be encountered throughout the museum in the form of installation and performance.

The participating artists share a common interest in how sound flows through, intersects with, and transforms the material world. Their work evokes the unknown and demonstrates how sound can both provide orientation and disorient us. Sound is the form of expression most easily liberated from its context: It can move freely through and between cultures. In the process, sound is constantly recoded, and often used as a form of exploitation. If one pays attention not only to how sound is read, but allows oneself to be touched by it, it reveals its fullness. Sound has an immensely physical character and at the same time connects us to the ethereal. This year’s artists focus on these possibilities of sound.

During their residencies at Haus der Kunst, the artists in Tune use sound to invite the public into their worlds for two or three days. The individual works are each presented as two live performances, supplemented by an artist talk. In some cases they are accompanied by installations and exhibitions of a short duration.

Participating artists: Lamin Fofana, Nkisi, Kelman Duran, Chuquimamani-Condori & Joshua Chuquimia Crampton, William Basinski, Abdullah Miniawy, Beatrice Dillon, JJJJJerome Ellis