Time Trade & Travel

Nubuke Foundation, Accra, Ghana
24 Nov 2012 - 10 Feb 2013

This exhibition is the result of a collaboration with the Nubuke Foundation and the Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam. Time, Trade & Travel is a collective venture exploring the histories shared by Ghana and the Netherlands, over various centuries, diverse economic systems and geopolitical divisions in the world.

The show explicitly relates to aspects of globalization and transnationalism reflected in the field of contemporary art. Ghanaian artists, Bernard Akoi-Jackson, Dorothy Amenuke, Serge Atukwei Clottey, Jeremiah Quarshie  looked at the centuries old history between the Netherlands and Ghana . Similarly,   Dutch artists, Katerina Zdlejar, Aukje Koks, Zachary Formwalt, Iris Kensmil and Navid Nuur looked at our shared histories through diverse lenses, perspectives and use of medium.