Thomias Radin: POLYCHROME – The Myth of Karukera and Cibuqueira

Galerie Wedding, Berlin, Germany
16 Jun 2023 - 26 Aug 2023

Thomias Radin, POLYCHROME – The Myth of Karukera and Cibuqueira, Galerie Wedding, 2023. Photo: Juan Saez. Courtesy: Galerie Wedding.

Thomias Radin, POLYCHROME – The Myth of Karukera and Cibuqueira, Galerie Wedding, 2023. Photo: Juan Saez. Courtesy: Galerie Wedding.

In the summer of 2023, Thomias Radin’s distinctive practice of melding dance and painting unfolds at Galerie Wedding as a mural, movement and scenography for performances. His vivid and colourful work stretches through the large gallery space as an installation and forms the framework for the dance and performance programme Movement Research ACROSS: POLY(e)MOTION.

In POLYCHROME – The Myth of Karukera and Cibuqueira, Radin explores the elusive and captivating nature of a myth that talks about the indigenous names of today’s Guadeloupe. He delves into into the ability of myth to both reveal and conceal the truth, often showing twisted postures, masks and averted faces in his paintings. „The Myth of Karukera and Cibuqueira“ is an invitation to explore the human condition, the power of movement, and the enduring relevance of myth in shaping our understanding of the world. Myths fascinate Radin as a highly advanced and sophisticated communication system. For Radin, myth is a moving and dancing knowledge, morphing and travelling, ancient and modern at the same time. The exhibition refers to the pre-colonial names Karukera, „island of the beautiful waters“, and Cibuqueira, „island of the gum-trees“, the native names for the two main islands of Guadeloupe. In Radin’s story, Karukera and Cibuqueira are two fallen angels on a quest to be reunited. They represent the transformative power of movement, which connects us to ourselves, each other and to the world around us.

Born in Guadeloupe, raised in France and now living in Berlin, Thomias Radin draws inspiration from the power of movement that connects South America, the Caribbean and West Africa to infuse his images with dynamic energy and expression. As a dancer, Radin moves between Hip-Hop, Capoeira and Gwo Ka, the music and dance culture from Guadeloupe. Borrowing the technique of sampling from music, Radin mixes historical references, personal experiences and pop culture. The mural thereby unites the indoor gallery space to the outdoors, the exhibition combines stage design, architecture, painting and sound in one movement. The adjective „polychrome“, which is derived from the Greek and means „many colours“, refers to a multiplicity of shades and textures, but also to a poly-rhythm of gestures, techniques and media.

Following his spatial installation at Galerie Wedding, in the context of the cooperation between Galerie Wedding and KINDL – Centre for Contemporary Art, in the exhibition POLY. A Fluid Show, Radin’s film „Rivals“ will have its premiere in tandem with the painting „The Annunciation: Tout‘ Moun doubout`, An nou ay !“ in September.