Theresa Chromati: Running in Place and Sometimes Walking: At Times I Feel Loved and Paralyzed

Kravets Wehby Gallery, New York, United States
16 May 2019 - 22 Jun 2019

Theresa Chromati, Hey, I’ll be There in 5. Can I Bring a Few Guests? (Me and Me’s) (Detail), 2019 . Acrylic and glitter on canvas, 72 x 48 in. Image courtesy of Kravets Wehby Gallery

The journey of a black hole feels like a secret that traveled in a whisper to reach us
To see what was the unimaginable seduces us to reimagine duality and balance of light and dark Both equally beautiful and meaningless without the other — We think
What else has held or currently holds space that has yet to be revealed?

Running in Place and Sometimes Walking: At Times I Feel Loved and Paralyzed, focuses on yet another natural phenomenon, duality of a black woman as she travels through space and time, no magic included. In her debut New York solo exhibition, Theresa Chromati is unpacking fragments of herself through painting while encouraging women to embrace both visible and felt aspects of themselves.

Archways act as passages to multiple dimensions of self and space, simultaneously propelling and containing women during their journey forward into the unknown. A central figure, often Chromati herself, appears divided, negotiating the present between omniscient futures and committed pasts. The varying surface textures both painted and collaged, glittered and flat, portray a wide range of emotions for all to accept and embrace. Each portrait becomes somewhat of a treasure hunt in the exploration of various motifs, such as her use of scrotum flowers and butterflies, which signify her journey to attain ultimate self power, freedom, and understanding.

Theresa Chromati (b. 1992) is a Guyanese American artist from Baltimore, MD, and currently based in Brooklyn, NY. She received her BFA in Graphic Design from the Pratt Institute in 2014. Chromati’s work has most recently been exhibited in Punch, curated by Nina Chanel Abney at Jeffrey Deitch, Kravets Wehby Gallery, Untitled Art Fair, Harpers Books, and Outpost Artist Resources. The artist’s most recent collaborations include HBO’s Random Acts of Flyness, HBO’s Insecure, SPOTIFY for Black Girl Magic playlist, Sony RCA, and Studio Museum Magazine. Chromati has been featured in Juxtapoz Magazine, i-D, FADER, Art of Choice, Creators Project, and Topical Cream Magazine.




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