Residency: Emmanuel Iduma and Emeka Okereke

L' appartment 22, Rabat, Morocco
14 Jul 2015 - 31 Aug 2015

Residency: Emmanuel Iduma and Emeka Okereke

Residency Emmanuel Iduma and Emeka Okereke, 2015, courtesy of the artists

From July 14 until August 31 2015, the writer Emmanuel Iduma and the photographer Emeka Okereke (Invisible Borders) will embark on a journey which explores transafricain mouvements, and the route and stories of many travelers and settlerscaught up in border tensions between Rabat, Tangier and Melilla.

Their focus will primarily be on the everyday lives and stories of the people they encounter, with hopes that the works created will be reflections, speculations and artistic responses from their experiences.

The process and outcome of this project will be presented at L’appartement 22 in experimental forms of display and publishing processes.

Curator: Abdellah Karroum