Public Data Explorer

Harlan B.Levey Projects, Brussels, Belgium
09 Nov 2013 - 22 Dec 2013

As part of the Art&ICT Connect 2013 event, the exhibition looks at how public data is produced, shared, and edited to form or transform narrative potential and civil intervention. Projects will be shown, which deal with public domain information, its analysis and potential rewriting.

Featuring:   Pilvi Takala  (FI),  Alexandra Dementieva  (RU/BE),  Jordan Seiler  (US)  and  Ermias Kifleyesus(ET/BE).

ICT&ART CONNECT 2013 is organized by DG CONNECT, the European Commission’s Directorate General in charge of Information and Communication Technologies – ICT. From November 9th to 11th, at various events, at venues across Brussels, will explore crossings of ICT and ART as a promising path for new technology-based creative responses to contemporary societal challenges.