Pro Helvetia Residency 2023

Pro Helvetia, Johannesburg, South Africa
Deadline: 01 March 2022

Pro Helvetia Residency 2023

Pro Helvetia announces the launch of the annual call for applications for the Pro Helvetia residency programme!

Residencies aim to foster creative exchange between artists and cultural practitioners in Switzerland and their counterparts in Southern, East, Central and West Africa. Residencies provide artists the opportunity to live and work for an extended period of time in a different cultural environment, to build international networks, gain inspiration and develop new projects and collaborations.

“[Residencies] allow for a time of concentration and dedication. The sometimes familiar, narrow context of home recedes into the background, making space for the new, the undiscovered. This can lead to new tracks in one’s practice, to new knowledge and sometimes to new friends. The foreign sharpens the gaze. The artist residency confronts you with your own understanding of art and culture, expands your network and, in the best case, your horizon.” Claudia Kübler, artist in residence, 2021

Pro Helvetia Johannesburg supports residencies of up to 3-months for artists and cultural practitioners from Southern, East, Central and West Africa in Switzerland, and for their counterparts in Switzerland in these regions on the continent.