Nelo Teixeira : Not Bok – Conglomeration in space and memories

Gallery of Banco Economico, Luanda, Angola
18 Nov 2016 - 12 Jan 2017

Nelo Teixeira : Not Bok – Conglomeration in space and memories

The solo exhibition of the artist Nelo Teixeira, « Not Bok: Conglomeration in space and memories » will be open to the public from November 18th until 12th January 2017, at the Gallery of Banco Economico, in Luanda.

Organized by the gallery THIS IS NOT A WHITE CUBE, in partnership with Banco Economico and curated by Sónia Ribeiro, « Not Bok: Conglomeration in space and memories » is the result of the transformation of objects that the artist found in the streets of Luanda. The vertical (tall buildings) and horizontal (musseques/slums) city,  a dynamic space, redesigned in recent years by the rapid economic development, with modern structures emerging while erasing recent and past memories.

New and old experiences linked by the garbage they produce and the impact they cause in the environment. Urban waste is the raw material. By recycling, the artist expresses himself and seeks to raise socio-political, historical and environmental awareness.

Nelo Teixeira lives and does his work in the almost submerged Chicala II, a musseque of houses made by the population. It is in this space where the artist many times works his magic, adapting and reinventing objects found or brought to him by the dragging waters that surround the neighborhood.

Nelo Teixeira was born in Mbanza Congo, in 1975. From his family, he inherited the art of sculpting and creating masks. He studied painting and sculpture in the workshops of the National Union of Fine Art Artists. He graduated in carpentry and scenography, participating in several films and theater plays, standing out in the artistic community for the constant support and training he gives to the youngsters.

The artist has exhibited regularly since 2000. His work was represented at the Angolan Pavilion at the Venice Biennial 2015. Nelo Teixeira has been exhibiting in Angola, Lisbon and Milan.

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