Negative Space – Group Show

WHATIFTHEWORLD, Le Cap, South Africa
10 Dec 2016 - 10 Mar 2017

Negative Space –  Group Show

Michele Mathison 2015 Gypsum 214 x 349.9 x 5 cm

WHATIFTHEWORLD presents Negative Space. This exhibition contemplates an enhanced awareness of history, stories and experience by looking at what is absent rather than present.

In visual terms one refers to negative space as an area of the picture plane or three-dimensional form that allows the image to push forward, to make it known and to define its shape. In some ways the negative space accentuates both the problems and solutions in a composition. By extension, within the context of this exhibition, many of our current social and economic realities are accentuated by what is not -rather than what is. With this framework in mind the exhibition brings together the works of a group of Southern African artists that are using land, and landscape in their work, and by association the elements that are extracted or forcibly removed from it: harvest, minerals, wealth, memory and people to reflect on both their personal lived experience and the problematic legacy of social and economic inequality in Southern Africa.

Participating Artists include Lungiswa Gqunta, Dan Halter in collaboration with Oliver Barnett, Bronwyn Katz, Michele Mathison, Mohau Modisakeng and Rowan Smith.