National Gallery Bulawayo – Residency And Exhibition Proposal 2017

National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Deadline: 31 October 2016

National Gallery Bulawayo – Residency And Exhibition Proposal 2017

The National Gallery of Zimbabwe is inviting artists wishing to present new ideas and projects in the context of the Bulawayo gallery space and emerging independent curators committed to developing their professional practice are invited to submit exhibition and residency applications and proposals for the 2017 season.

Deadline 31 October 2016

All artists interested in applying for a residency, solo or collaborative exhibitions with an up to date profile and active practitioners, are invited to submit exhibition proposals of their solo or collaborative work for the 2017 season.

1. Artists must submit proposals for the presentation of their own (solo or collaborative) work.

2. For collaborations, artists must confirm interest/availability before they submit the proposal.

3. Artists who have previously exhibited at the NGB in the past 3 years will not be eligible for the 2017 call, but can apply for 2018 on wards.

Guidelines: While we accept submissions based on all sorts of ideas, in 2017 we remain committed to exhibiting:

1. The work of emerging and under-represented artists, particularly those in the region

2. Work that contributes to the ongoing dialogue about contemporary art practices.

3. Projects that push artistic practice in new and interesting directions.

4. Topics and styles not well represented by private or commercial spaces or otherwise difficult to show elsewhere.

5. The work of artists previously exhibited anywhere in Zimbabwe unless if it’s an itinerant exhibition.

6. Projects that take in account our limited gallery space. Thoughtful and orderly installations that respect the “breathing space” of each artwork tend to work better in our gallery.

Please take note: The above are just guidelines, so don’t worry if your exhibition/ project doesn’t satisfy everything listed; however, you must follow all rules.

How to Submit/ Format Requirements: Before sending the application, please make sure to have the following prepared:

1. Application letter and  Up to 10 images of your work. The images should ideally represent the actual work selected for the exhibition. If this is impossible, the images should represent works that are comparable to those that will be featured in the exhibition. These images should be JPGS, no larger than 1024 x 768, 72dpi, preferably under 1MB.
They MUST be named in this format: 01YourFirstName_LastName.jpg 02YourFirstName_LastName.jpg 03YourFirstName_LastName.jpg 04YourFirstName_LastName.jpg 05YourFirstName_LastName.jpg … etc.

2. Up to 3 videos (*optional) of specific works which will be included in the exhibition. Please make sure each file is under 300MB and less than 5 minutes in length. If the original video is longer than that, please send an excerpt. Videos should be in MOV, MP4, or AVI format.
Do not include exhibition documentation unless the element of time is integral to the work (i.e. performance or video installations).

3. A one-page statement describing the concept of the exhibition. The file should be a PDF, RTF, or Word document.

4. An image list providing an inventory of the images submitted. Include number, artist name, title, year, medium, and dimensions. Again, make it PDF, RTF, or Word document.

5. Your resume and the resumes of any prospective collaborators. The Gallery offers residency for 3 and 6 months with an exhibition at the end of the residency.

The National Gallery will:

Offer Studio and exhibition space (including mounting, promotion and refreshments)

The National Gallery will not:

▪Pay for your return flights to and from Bulawayo Zimbabwe.

▪Pay for your travel insurance, airport taxes and visa costs, to enter Zimbabwe see www.evisa.gov.zw for details. (Will assist with all the necessary paperwork and clearance)

The National Gallery may:

▪Assist in sourcing basic art materials and equipment.

▪Assist in sourcing funds to make you residency as productive and comfortable as possible

You will be expected to: work, research, collaborate, and give talks about you work and mount an exhibition of finished or work in progress. You can expect a great creative time and you are free to take time off and explore Zimbabwe within the time frame, www.worldtravelguide.net/zimbabwe/  but the best is to experience it yourselves.

Artists and Curators are encouraged to seek mobility support to cover transport, accommodation and material expenses. Proposals that are incomplete, unreadable, late, or fail to meet the above requirements may not be considered, so PLEASE submit your proposals well in advance of the deadline to ensure everything is working correctly.

For any questions, please contact the Assistant Curator Cliford Zulu via email at sabona@mweb.co.zw or telephone 00263970721